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The orientation focuses on building community and learning about college success strategies.


During the Fall semester the Council on the Social Status of Black Males and the Brother to Brother Mentor Program invites Black and Hispanic male freshman students to a luncheon in their honor. The networking luncheon includes a “Gathering of Men Ceremony” and includes a keynote speaker.


The college wide student advocate program to assists Black and Latino male freshmen to increase their focus on academic success and professional development through a variety academic and fun activities.

Brother to Brother Creed

Benefits include:
  • Weekly interaction with a positive student who can provide valuable information on becoming a successful student
  • Networking opportunities
  • Weekly Rap sessions
  • Round table discussions presented by administrators and faculty
  • Special events designed especially for Brother to Brother participants
  • Travel to national conferences for leadership and professional development
  • Opportunities to intern at a community agency
  • Opportunity to become a mentor and receive a service scholarship
  • Opportunity to participate in the Personal Excellence New Student Orientation

Brother to Brother Round Table Discussions
Round table discussions facilitate professional and personal development in a group mentoring setting with senior level administrators and faculty as presenters.


"It is an honor to write this mini essay on how brother to brother has benefited me. Before I came into contact with the brother to brother program, I hated college and was contemplating dropping out. I did not have any motivation to continue and I struggled with many issues. One day when I was leaving class, I ran into a friend and he stopped me because for some reason he knew my mind was heavy. He was a Brother to Brother Mentor who discussed my situation and told me about the Brother to Brother program. I walked with him to a summer training session and was invited to stay. It has been one of the best things if not the best thing to happen to me since I have been at Broward College. I have been exposed to so many different opportunities. I no longer see college the way I did previously. I recommend Brother to Brother to any incoming freshman latino or African American male."

Tavares Mills
Brother to Brother Mentor 2011-12 Currently working part time in the Broward College Response Center

"The Brother To Brother program has been a life altering experience. This program taught me that lack of education for today's Black and Latino is detrimental to the existence of both races. Brother To Brother has positively impacted my social life. Instead of hanging with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble, Brother To Brother blessed me with a band of brothers who push me to do better and graduate."

Christopher Allen
Brother to Brother Mentor 2011-12 & 2012-13

Opportunities for Brother to Brother Mentors to develop professionally while working as a program assistant in community agencies that serve youth. Agencies that participate are the Urban Teachers Academy, Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, Inc., HANDY INC. (Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth), and the Urban League of Broward County, Inc.


Broward College co-sponsors this national conference with eleven Florida colleges and Universities to serve Black and Latino male college students. The host institution is Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL.


The coordinator of special projects advises Broward Futures Scholarship students and a number of Black and Latino males who are in the Brother to Brother program.


A six week summer course is taught at two Boys and Girls Clubs. The program assists the college with the goal of providing services to disadvantaged communities.


Free travel to professional conferences is offered to Black and Latino males who participate in the Brother to Brother Student Advocate program.


Students who are awarded the Broward Futures Scholarship receive holistic advisement and academic support provided by the coordinator of the Office of Special Projects.

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