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Team Building Activities

Teamwork is an essential part of making any organization profitable and efficient. Our customizable teambuilding exercises can help you improve team dynamics, open lines of communication, develop strategic thinking and leadership skills.    

The group training exercises below are held at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center in Dania Beach unless otherwise indicated. Participants are instructed by professionally trained and certified staff. Lifeguards are present for the water-based activities.

Corporate Training and Education Programs at Broward College are made possible by the Institute for Economic Development.


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Extreme Team
Get the full-day ropes course experience! Ideal for 10-50 participants. The day begins with Synergy then adds the excitement of the High Ropes challenge course.
Participants have the opportunity to climb courses that are 30’ to 40’ above the ground. Activities may include:
  • Tunneling up the Tiger Tubes
  • Crossing the Burma Bridge
  • Diving off the Giant Swing
  • Team "Advance the Flag"
  • Tackling the Rock Wall
  • Team Belays

Easier challenges are available for the less adventurous. Participants are encouraged to set and strive to meet individual goals.

We all bring something different to the table when we work together. This exercise helps team members identify their own strengths while building team cohesion. Best for groups of 40 or fewer.
Participants complete an assessment in advance of the program.
Teams then proceed through a series of activities to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own styles and that of their coworkers.
Ultimately, team members learn how to use their preferences to the team's best advantage.

Blend competition, teamwork and fun! Get your team to be competitive without sacrificing the team's success. Best for groups of 20- 100 participants. The challenge can be set up at almost any location.
Self-directed teams receive a briefing, backpack full of gear and a deadline, and then set out to complete a variety of strange and unusual challenges.
Staff members are present to assist with questions or rule clarifications.
Participants must use teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving skills to be successful.
This program is recommended for groups that:
  1. Have a limited amount of time, but want to have fun while bonding and building relationships among teammates;
  2. Wish to enhance a retreat or training with something fun;
  3. Have high energy and hands-on staff motivated by unconventional ideas/events; or
  4. Want to do something different and exciting for a company picnic or party.
Get your team to view obstacles as opportunities and achieve more than you imagined possible. A half-day program ideal for groups of 10-100 participants.
You’re on the wrong side of a raging river with three boards and bandanas, one tin can and a team member who has lost his eyesight. How will your whole team get across safely?
To solve these scenarios, teams must get creative, share ideas, and support each other.
Synergy is a traditional "low ropes" challenge that uses team problem-solving activities to target group dynamics and relationship-building.
  1. Synergy is perfect for groups who:
  2. Enjoy and are comfortable with low ropes challenge courses;
  3. Have limited time;
  4. Wish to focus more on skill development, process and application;
  5. Are concerned about physical abilities of team members;
  6. Want to minimize competition and maximize interdependence; or
  7. Wish to target specific skills or navigate a developmental stage.
Ultimate Showdown
Competition and teamwork all wrapped in one make this event an eye-opening experience for your team to learn from and take the lessons back to the office with them. Excellent for groups of 20-100 participants. The Ultimate Showdown expands our half-day competitive program into a full-day grudge match.
In addition to individual problem-solving challenges, teams face off in a variety of battles, such as:
  • Regurgitation Tubes
  • Blind Canoe Race
  • 4-Way Tug-O-War
  • Rock Climbing Tournament
Water Works!

​Water Works! combines the power of teambuilding with the fun of a day on the beach. Fail to work well together and suffer instant "wet" consequences! Best for groups of 6-40.

This program is staffed with certified lifeguards and professional adventure education facilitators.

Activities may include:

  1. Competitive and high energy activities, such as canoe baseball;
  2. Trust-oriented activities, such as Canoe Shuffle and Blind-Paddling-the Blind; or
  3. Highly complex tasks that recreate actual workplace roles, responsibilities and processes.

Water Works! is a half-day program and is recommended for teams who prefer a day on the water or who have participated in ropes courses or other types of adventure teambuilding, and are looking for something new and refreshing.

You Gotta Regatta
"Don't Rock the Boat" takes on entirely new meaning when the boat you are rocking is one your team has built! For groups sized 10-200.
Teams design, construct and race their best possible boat design.
You Gotta Regatta is a surprisingly complex challenge, requiring creativity, time management, strategic use of materials, self-sacrifice, and a great sense of humor.
 It can be conducted at a pool, beach or lake, and is recommended for teams who enjoy creativity and design and are looking for something a bit different.

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