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Due to extremely high demand, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES) program has established a waitlist system for non-program students who wish to enroll in the following courses:

  • Genetics (PCB3063) (Lecture only. Non-program students are not permitted to register for the lab)
  • Cellular/Molecular Biology (PCB3023)
  • Biochemistry I (BCH3033)

Once all BSES students have been accommodated, remaining seats, if any, will be offered to non-program students who have signed up for the Waitlist. ​Please see below for more details on this process.

To potentially enter any other BSES class not listed here, please contact Ms. Chris Sammon at

Spring 2020
The Waitlist for Spring 2020 will open on Thursday December 5, 2019 at 10:00AM. It will close on Thursday December 14, 2019 at 11:59PM. Any materials received outside of this time window will be discarded without response. Students will be notified of their registration status via email no later than 5PM on Monday December 16, 2019. Please do not email or call for updates prior to this time.

Do not contact program staff, faculty, or other College personnel requesting to be added early or for permission to "skip" the waitlist process. Students who do this will be removed from the lists (or denied entry onto the lists) and will not be entered into any waitlist classes.

Waitlist Policies and Responsibilities

General Policies
  • Registration of non-BSES program students into BSES courses is a courtesy and a privilege and one that the BSES program is under no obligation to extend.
  • Seats are not guaranteed and enrollment of non-BSES students into BSES courses is at the discretion of the BSES program staff. BSES staff have final say on all Waitlist matters.
  • Priority goes to BC students.
  • Waitlists and documentation do not roll over/forward.
  • All forms and documentation must be fully submitted within the stated time window. Absolutely no names or documents will be accepted before the opening of the list. Any material submitted (e.g. web forms, transcript copies) outside of this window will be discarded without comment and senders will not be reminded to comply with stated policy.
  • All academic prerequisites and co-requisites must be met. There are no exceptions. Please see below for a table of prerequisites.
  • Co-requisite classes must be taken at BC.
  • There is no self-registration of students into Waitlist courses. Registration is done only by BSES staff.
  • Students who attempt to go around the Waitlist registration process will be removed from the Waitlist (or denied entry), dropped from any and all Waitlist classes, and considered ineligible (possibly permanently). "Attempt" includes (but is not limited to): attempting to register through Advising Offices, Associate Deans, other administrators, or faculty, by email, phone, or in-person.
  • Students who are dropped from the course (e.g. for lack of payment) will not be added back, regardless of available seats. Students who defeat (or attempt to defeat) this by re-registering (either by themselves or through another non-program staff member) will be dropped from all Waitlist classes, regardless of available seats in each.
  • No students will be added to Waitlist classes after classes begin, regardless of available seats.
It is the Sole Responsibility of the Student To:
  • Fill out the webform (linked below when the lists are open) for each desired class.
  • Submit a scan or screenshot showing the final grade of the prerequisite courses to within the posted time window in a readable format. Submissions with broken links, invalid file paths, locked files, etc. are not accepted.
  • Include the BC ID number with the final grades.
  • Fill out the webforms for a maximum of two Waitlist courses per term. The third and any subsequent submissions will be discarded/invalidated. 
  • Sign up for any co-requisite courses. if the course is not on the schedule at the time staff attempt to add the Waitlist course, the spot will go to the next student in line. There are no exceptions to prerequisite and co-requisite class requirements. 
  • Confirm that their student account is clear of any holds or conflicts that will prevent registration (e.g. debt holds, residency documents, time conflicts, etc.). In the event of a block, hold, or conflict, the spot will go to the next student in line.
  • Confirm payment is made by the deadline. Payment deadlines may be as early as 11:59PM the day of registration. If students are not able or willing to meet this requirement, alternatives at other schools should be sought. New students should familiarize themselves with their MyBC accounts in advance.
BSES Staff Will:
  • Do their best to enroll as many students as possible into the courses.
  • Register students into the sections and enter necessary overrides.
  • Notify students via email of their registration status by the posted deadline.
  • Continue to register students into the course as spots become available, up until class starts. Newly registered students will receive an email informing them of their registration.
BSES Staff Will Not:
  • Send reminders for students to complete the Waitlist process, send final grades, or resolve holds.
  • Provide payments amounts, deadlines, or financial aid eligibility information. (This information is readily available in students' MyBC accounts.)
  • Re-register a student into a Waitlist course. If the course drops for any reason (e.g. lack of payment, accidental withdrawal, etc.) the course will not be added back to the student's schedule. The spot will go to the next student in line.
  • Send confirmations of individual submissions. (A very high volume of submissions precludes this.)
  • Add students to classes that have begun, regardless of available seats.
BSES students should not use the waitlist forms. Any BSES students with enrollment questions or issues should contact Ms. Christine Sammon ( for assistance.

 Prerequisite Courses
​Course​ ​Required Prerequisite (all prerequisite courses must be passed with a C or higher)
​BCH3033 Biochemistry I​CHM2210/L (Organic Chemistry I with lab)
CHM2211/L (Organic Chemistry II with lab)
concurrent enrollment in CHM2211/L with BCH3033

Please note that absolutely no exceptions will be made for the CHM2211/L requirement. Students unable or unwilling to comply with this requirement will need to seek a biochemistry course at another college or university.
​PCB3023 Cellular and Molecular Biology​Any college-level chemistry course with lab (e.g. CHM1045/L, CHM2210/L)
BSC2010/L (Introduction to Biology I with lab)
​PCB3063​ Genetics​Any college-level chemistry course with lab (e.g. CHM1045/L, CHM2210/L)
BSC2010/L (Introduction to Biology I with lab)

Because of slight variations among state schools, some students may have taken BSC2010/L under a different course ID and a different title (e.g. Biology for Science Majors). Please see the table below for the list of possible alternate courses.
​​School​Alternative Course Numbering
​Broward College (currently)​BSC2010/L
​Broward College (prior to approximately 2011)​BSC1010/L
​Florida Public Colleges and Universities​BSC1010/L
​Out-of-State or Private Colleges and Universities​Titling and course IDs will vary. The course must be designated "For Science/Biology Majors."
Web Form Links
​​Genetics (list will open on December 5, 2019 at 10:00AM)
Cellular/Molecular Biology (list will open on December 5, 2019 at 10:00AM)
Biochemistry I​ (list will open on December 5, 2019 at 10:00AM)
Non-program students wishing to register for any BSES course not listed here, please email Ms. Christine Sammon ( for more information. 

​​For all other questions or issues, please contact the BSES program at 954-201-6733.​​​
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