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The PT Assistant (PTA) is a skilled clinician who assists the registered Physical Therapist in health service agencies with the rehabilitation and treatment of patients disabled by illness, accident, or congenital conditions. Employing knowledge of the patient's condition, the assistant will administer physical agents to alleviate the presenting symptoms or will instruct the patient in specialized therapeutic exercise programs to restore the patient's functional abilities.  PT Assisting is for you if you desire a physically active occupation and interact well with others.
Please visit the following American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) websites for more information about a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant:
You will be awarded an Associate of Science degree in Physical Therapist Assisting.
You must complete - with a grade of "C" or above - 74 credits to be awarded the AS degree.
Students who are interested in applying to the PTA program can do so without having taken any of the required general education courses.  There are no prerequisites required prior to applying however points will be awarded in several categories including completion of general education courses, therefore students are encouraged to take as many of the general education courses (especially the anatomy and physiology courses) as possible prior to submitting an application. Students are ranked for admission based on the point system detailed on the Health Science Admissions website.  
The program is five (5) semesters in length. It is considered a two-year curriculum. The first semester is scheduled in the Summer semester, starting in May, and consists of general education courses.  For two consecutive years, the student will attend full-time day courses during the Fall and Spring semesters.
At both sites, admission is limited to available seats in the program.  For exact time frames for the application period, check on the Health Sciences Admissions page. Notification of a student’s acceptance into the program is confirmed after the deadline for applications and review of the applicant pool is completed. Students must monitor their BC student email account for communication from the admission department.
Yes. The Student Financial Services office located on each campus can offer financial counseling to you and may be able to provide needed funds.
General education courses (any course without a PHT prefix) are taught at varied times (days, evenings, weekends) at all campus locations.   All PHT courses are offered during the day only. A typical day is approximately from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., however these hours can vary.  The hours of clinical practicums vary, based on the operating hours of the clinical site at which the student is assigned. Classes are held at North Campus for the BC site and at the Lee Campus for the FSW site.  Students attend both classes and clinical practicums 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) during the Fall and Spring semesters while enrolled in the program. Core program courses (indicated with the PHT prefix) are only available to students officially accepted into the program.
This is an online module that the students will complete once they have been officially accepted into the program.  It provides the student an opportunity to interact with the various online requirements of the program and assists them in identifying their learning styles.  Student must complete the module prior to the start of the August term. This course is completed once a student is accepted into the program.
Once accepted into the program the student must complete the following certificate course and must provide documentation that the course has been completed by August. Further instructions for completion of these certificates will be provided, to students who have been accepted into the program, during the Pre-Admission Orientation Meeting that occurs in the Spring. Students will be notified of this meeting once they have been accepted into the program.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Required 8 contact hours - The Basic Life Support CPR certification (BLS for Healthcare Providers) is valid for two (2) years following attendance and must be completed through the American Heart Association. No certification other than the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider will be accepted. CPR certification needs to be current during the 2 two years of the program. 
The total cost of the program is approximately $11,000 for Florida residents and $29,000 for out-of-state applicants. The actual total cost is subject to change. 

There is a required lab uniform, for all laboratory sessions, which is available for purchase at the College bookstore. Prior to attending clinical practicums, you will be required to purchase clinical uniforms, which will be available through the vendor designated by the Program.
Yes. To practice physical therapy in the State of Florida, you must have a license. Historically, the program has exceeded the national average with regard to pass rates on the licensing examination. Graduates are required to successfully complete a national and state examination in order to receive a license to practice in the State of Florida.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for physical therapist assistants is expected to grow by 45 percent from 2010 through 2020, which is much faster than average for all occupations because of increasing demand for physical therapy services. Job prospects for physical therapist assistants are expected to be very good. 
You can find the information about Florida residency here.  Generally, you must have established and maintained legal residency in Florida for a minimum of twelve months prior to the first day of the term that you enter the College.
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2010 Wages Survey, the mean annual salary for at PTA in the US is $52,320. Based on experience and employment setting, annual salaries ranged from $31,070 to $68,820. In the state of Florida, the mean salary was $55,280.  For more information visit:
In addition, Advance Healthcare Network conducts a periodic survey of PT and PTA salaries, across the nation. Visit the following link for the most recent results for the Southern USA: PTSalarySurvey_South.pdf
The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Broward College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; email:; website: This includes the expansion site at Edison State College.
Physical Therapist Assistants who wish to develop expertise in specialized areas such as sports medicine, pediatrics or geriatrics, can take the appropriate continuing education courses at BC or through other agencies in order to enhance their qualifications after their career is underway.
Executive Assistant for the Program:
Kenneth Santos

For information on the Broward Site, contact:
Maria Holodak, Program Manager
Broward College
North Campus, Building 41

For information on the Edison State College Site, contact:
Jodi Gootkin, Site Coordinator
Edison State College
Lee Campus, Walker Hall, A-132

Yes. As part of the clinical practicum phase of the curriculum, you will be required to attend several clinical practicums including a full time practicum in the semester prior to graduation.
No. The program does not offer any type of job placement other than the posting of employment opportunities and the announcement of job fairs on the program's Alumni web site, which all graduates will have access to. The majority of our graduates receive job offers from clinics at which they completed one or more of their clinical practicums.
Broward College's Career Center​ can assist students and graduates with preparing for employment and pursuing a position as a PTA. 
The program begins each May with completion of several general education courses.  Actual PHT courses begin each August.

​A point system based on degree-required general education courses is utilized to rank applicants.  Acceptance depends on where the student falls in the point ranking system with the top ranking students being accepted. Specifics regarding applying to the program are available on the Health Sciences Admissions page. The points system can be found on the Admissions website under "Step 1: Complete Program Pre-Requisites".

Once accepted to Broward College, students will receive a letter with their Student ID number. Students should utilize this Student ID number to log into their Broward Student Account at to monitor transcript evaluations and their Limited Access Program Application. Students must also monitor their Broward Student Email account as that is where the admissions department will communicate with students regarding application status and program acceptance.  The admissions and selection process is managed by the Health Sciences Admissions Department.

Please Note: The Physical Therapist Assistant Program does not oversee this process.  For questions about your application or acceptance into the program, please contact the Health Sciences Admissions Department at or by calling (954) 201 2892.
Yes, students accepted into both the Broward and Florida SouthWestern locations are considered one class of students taking courses simultaneously and adhering to the admissions criteria for Broward College. Once accepted to the program, Florida SouthWestern site students are considered Broward College students and pay tuition to Broward, who issues their degree upon graduation.
The Physical Therapist Assistant Program is delivered to students at Broward College (BC) and Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) via distance learning technology. Lectures are broadcast in real time so that all sites participate in lecture classes together. The classrooms are equipped with TV monitors, video cameras, and microphones so that students and instructors can communicate similar to a webcam where interactions are instantaneous. E-Learning web sites are utilized for all courses to provide course materials, complete assignments, and extend discussions on content. The program also incorporates several fully online courses. The individual sites manage lab sessions with instructors physically present at both locations.
For students who are new to college, yes. You should apply to Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) and complete their admissions process including any required testing. Once it is determined if you are ready for college preparatory courses or if you can begin college level courses, you will enroll at FSW as an AA student and begin completing the general education courses toward the PTA degree. At the time you are ready to apply to the PTA Program, you will follow the Broward College and PTA Program admissions procedures.

For students who have some but not all of the general education courses required for the degree completed, you will still need to apply to FSW and have your transcripts evaluated. Then you will complete the remaining general education courses at Edison as an AA student. At the time you are ready to apply to the PTA Program, you will follow the Broward College and PTA Program admissions procedures.

For students who have all of the general education courses required for the degree completed, it is not necessary to apply to FSW. There are no additional courses that you would need to take at FSW however, at the time you are ready to apply to the PTA Program, you will follow the Broward College and PTA Program admissions procedures.

Please note that any courses that are transferred to Broward College, for the PTA degree, require an original transcript from the institution where the course was completed, including FSW. Courses must meet the BC PTA AS degree requirements. Students should refer to the current Broward College Catalog for additional details.
Visit the Health Sciences Admissions page for details. Follow the admissions procedures detailed adhering to the stated deadlines. All interested applicants, must apply to Broward College AND the PTA Program AND send transcripts from ALL other institutions they attended. This includes courses completed at Florida SouthWestern State College or other institutions.
While completing general education courses at Edison State College as an AA student, students should meet with the Edison Financial Aid department to determine eligibility. For the term when the student anticipates acceptance into the Broward College PTA Program, the student should indicate Broward as the institution on Financial Aid paperwork and communicate with the Financial Aid department at Broward.
Yes, you will need to travel to the Broward campus located in Coconut Creek, Florida on a few occasions once accepted to the program. If offered a seat in the program, you will attend a pre-admissions meeting in the Spring prior to the May start of the program. Shortly following that meeting, you will return to the Broward campus to complete a Background Check that will be scheduled at your convenience. The final trip to Broward is for the Program Orientation in the Summer term, prior to the start of the PTA course. From that point forward, courses are attended on the Florida SouthWestern (FSW) State College Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus in Ft. Myers or at a local clinical facility in our service district.  Although not required, FSW students wishing to attend graduation will need to travel to Broward for the ceremony.
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