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MLK Award Recipients

Congratulations on being awarded an MLK Day of Service Award! To assist with reporting, please use this page as a resource to guide you through the MLK reporting process​.

For any questions you may have about your interim or final report, please contact: 

Melissa Gapud

Programs & Data Analyst, Strategic Philanthropy


**Any checks or correspondence will be mailed directly to the address listed on the W9. Any special arrangements will need to be made with Melissa Gapud,

Interim Report - Due 12/11/19 at 12 p.m.

Please submit your interim report online: Interim Report Form; please review the sample to familiarize yourself with the questions being asked.

If your group has not spent money by December 11th, then your organization would only need to submit the interim report and would not need to upload a budget or receipts with the interim report. If your group has spent money prior to December 11th, then please upload the budget and receipts with your interim report and label accordingly.  See instructions below.

Final Report - Due 1/31/20 at 12 p.m.

Please submit your final report online. Final Report Form; please review the sample to familiarize yourself with the questions being asked.

All groups must submit a final report, final budget, receipts, photos and photo waivers. Please make sure to label the budget, receipts, photos and photo waivers properly and upload with your final report submission.  See instructions below.


  • When submitting a budget, please use the mandatory BC MLK Budget Template that can be found under the resources link above.  Any other budget format will be rejected.
  • Save and name your budget <Name of Org> Budget
  • Groups must list every individual item on the receipts. For example, if you have a receipt from Home Deport for $100, you must list out each item on the receipt that totals the $100. Please review the Sample Document that can be found under the resource link.
  • DO NOT list your taxes.  Taxes will not be covered by the grant.
  • Should you need more lines on the MLK Budget Template excel document, you can add accordingly. Please make sure to copy the formulas so that all of your expenses total correctly.


Receipts must coordinate with your BC MLK Budget Template. When uploading receipts, save as a PDF - no jpegs. Please name file: 2020_Name of Org_Receipt #_Budget Items (List Budget Line Item Numbers).  Please refer to the Receipt Checklist that can be found under the resource link above to ensure your receipts are compliant.


  • 2020_Name of Org_Receipt #1_Budget Items 1-6
  • 2020_Name of Org_Receipt #1_Budget Items 7-8
  • 2020_Name of Org_Receipt #1_Budget Items 9
  • 2020_Name of Org_Receipt #1_Budget Items 10-22

Photos/Waivers - Due by 1/31/20 at 12 p.m.

Please submit your photos with your final report online. Photo & Waiver Form

Please submit 3 photos of your project. Please name file: 2020_Name of Org_Photo #_# of people in photo


  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo #1_3 People
  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo #2_5 People
  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo #3_10 People

We will need photo waivers for each individual in the photos submitted. Please name file: 2020_Name of Org_Photo Waiver #_# of Waivers.


  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo Waiver #1_3 Waivers
  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo #2_5 Waivers
  • 2020_Name of Org_Photo #3_10 Waivers
Please save all waivers in a PDF format.  If there is more than one person per photo submitted, please scan all waivers for the photo as a .pdf document.

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