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Student Email

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Microsoft Office 365 logo.                       
Microsoft Office 365
What's new in Office 365?
    Get Excited
       The Office 365 service upgrade provides great new features, including broader support for mobile phones and tablets, a unified user experience in the      browser, social networking, and more.
What’s new for your users?


     New Look – new tabs on the left with access to more options

Outlook      Calendar         People           Newsfeed          SkyDrive            Sites

      New features for your account
  • Navigation has moved to an upper corner. Use the links in the upper corner to switch to different types of information.
  • Jump to your personal information with one click. Click your name in the upper corner, and then click Change to update your information. If instant messaging is enabled, you can also change your status here.
  • Connect to your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. Click Settings  > Options > Account > Connected accounts to add a connection to your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts.
  • Offline access through the latest web browsers. See Using Outlook Web App offline to learn more.

    New features in mail

We’ve added new ways for you to work with messages in your Inbox.
  • One-click access to filter messages. You can select all, unread, to me, and flagged with a single click.  
  • Apps for Outlook. These apps add features to your mail. For example, if there’s a street address in a message, an app for Outlook will add a tab with a map and directions to that address.
  • Inline compose. In addition to reading your mail in the reading pane, you can now compose replies and forwards in the reading pane. You still have the option to open your response in a new window.
  • Drag and drop to add an attachment. In some browsers, you’ll be able to add an attachment to a message by dragging it from the desktop to the message form.
  • Find drafts quickly. You don’t have to go to your drafts folder or open a conversation to find your drafts. Conversations that you have started a new message in will be clearly marked in the list view.
  • Refine search results with a click. You can quickly refine your search results by selecting an option to change the folders included in the search and the time period searched.

   New features in calendar

  • Merged calendars views. When you add an additional calendar to your calendar view, the added calendar will be merged with yours to make it easier to find scheduling overlaps. Each calendar will have its own color, which you can change. If you’re using the day view of your calendar, you can split the calendars into separate columns.
  • Click for details. Click any item in your calendar to see a quick view of the details. In addition to a snapshot of the information, you’ll find controls to edit items that you own or respond to meeting invitations. Double-click an item to open it in a view that shows all details.
  • More useful month view. The month view now includes an agenda for the current day, and the grid will show as many items as possible based on your screen size plus a number indicating the number of items not displayed for each day.

    New features in people
  • Linked contacts. Outlook Web App will look for similar entries in your Contacts folder and will link them together in a single contact card. You can manually link or unlink entries.
  • Adding LinkedIn or Facebook. You can connect to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts through options. Connecting to LinkedIn and Facebook automatically adds your contacts in those accounts to your Outlook Web App contacts. See Connected accounts to learn more.
  • Your personal contacts folder and your organization’s address lists are all available from Contacts.

    How is the Office 365 OneDrive different from Personal OneDrive?

Microsoft offers a free service called SkyDrive.  You may already be using SkyDrive to store documents and other content in the cloud. This service is different from Office 365 SkyDrive:
  • Microsoft’s free personal SkyDrive comes with an or Microsoft account.
  • Your Broward College Office 365 account will come with access to an Office 365 SkyDrive library.  Your Office 365 SkyDrive is a personal storage library for up to 25 GB of storage.  Office 365 SkyDrive can be accessed by the ‘Skydrive’ link within Office 365.  You may upload documents or create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly from your browser.
How do I get my student ID?
All Prospective BC students are issued a unique student ID number upon successful completion of an Admissions application. This student id will be used to access MyBC  and other BC resources.
The College no longer uses your Social Security number to access academic records so please use your Student ID rather than your Social Security number when corresponding with faculty and staff at Broward College
You may still need to use your Social Security number when:
  • Applying for Financial Aid
  • Documentation provided to the federal government
  • Applying for employment.
Please keep your Student ID and Social Security number in a secure location.​
How do I find out what my email address is?
  1. Log onto MyBC
  2. Click on the Login at the top right hand side of the screen
  3. Enter Student ID
  4. Enter PIN – Birth month and year - ex. 091972
  5. On the right hand side you will see my Details
  6. Your institutional email will be listed (Your BC
How do I access my BC E-mail Address?
 You can access your email directly at
1. Enter your student email address – ex.
2. Enter PIN – Birth month and year – ex. 091972 (MMYYYY).
When you are on the BC web site, you can access your e-mail in these 3 places:

      From the home page:

  1.  Click on the login arrow
  2.  Select Email login
  3.  Enter your student email address – ex.
  4.  Enter PIN – Birth month and year – ex. 091972 (MMYYYY).

     From MyBC

  1.  Log into MyBC.
  2.  Under Quick Links: Click on E-mail and More or Click on the word Institutional email on the right hand side under my Details
  3. You will be prompted to login again
  4. Then you will be taken directly into your email account

    From D2L

  1. Click on the student login button
  2. Enter your full student email address – ex.
  3. Enter PIN – Birth month and year – ex. 091972 (MMYYYY).
  4. Click on Microsoft 365 link in the 'Help for Students' widget.
What is my password?
Your Password is initially set to your two digit birth month and four digit birth year (MMYYYY).
If you have changed your password and cannot remember what it is you will need to call the Broward College Helpdesk at 954-201-7521.
My PIN doesn't work, How do I reset my PIN?
You will need to call the Broward College Helpdesk at 954-201-7521.
What is a SkyDrive?
The SkyDrive gives you access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in your browser with SkyDrive and free Office Web Apps. Multiple people in different places can work on the same document, at the same time. Share only the documents that you choose, with whomever you choose, and set the rest to remain private.
You've got access to everything on your SkyDrive, your personal cloud, wherever you are. Your photos, documents, and other important files are available to you on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. In short, your stuff and your info is not limited to any single PC or device.
And, if you're on Windows 8, and signed into a Microsoft account, you can view all your photos and files, edit and share Office documents, or share with whomever you choose. Plus, stuff like your background, your display, and your settings roam with you. 
How can I access SkyDrive?
2.     The first time you login after the upgrade you user name and password will be your Broward college email login information
3.     Once you reset you SkyDrive password to something other than your Broward College password you will need to contact Microsoft for assistance.
4.     It is easy to reset your Microsoft account password if you forget your password during or after the upgrade, if you have another email address, add it to your Microsoft Account or Live@edu account (before the conversion) as an alternate email address. For information about how to add an alternate email address, see.  Why do I need to add security info?
What is the mailbox size limit?

The Office365 inbox size limit is 25GB

Is there an attachment size limit?
The email attachment size is 10MB for each document.
Can I forward my Broward College e-mail to a personal e-mail address?
Yes, log into your Broward College email and click on “option” on the top right hand side.
Then click on “all options”. There is an area on the right: “Shortcuts to other things you can do.” Click on “Forward your email”. Toward the bottom of the page it reads “Forward my email to:”  Add in the email address that you want your email to go to and then click “save”.
Can I continue to use my BC email and Skydrive account if I am no longer a student at Broward College?
Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?
The Broward College web applications are optimized for use on the Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer platforms.
What will the college use my Broward College e-mail address for?
The college will use your email to send out important dates, Financial Aid information, Emergency Alerts and other announcements. Your BC instructors use email to reach out to and stay in touch with you
How can I set up my mobile phone to access my student e-mail account?
For instructions to set up your email on your phone device view Outlook set up page.
What do I need a student id for?
All degree-seeking students are given a student ID card.  Your student ID must be presented to receive services   from   registration, advisement, financial aid, bookstores,  library, tutoring and labs, events and more.  When on camp us grounds, you are required to carry your student ID and show your ID when asked. Students who refuse to present their ID card are in violation of article 10 of the Student Code of Conduct, Policy 6Hx2-5.24. The first ID  is given free of charge - there is a replacement t fee if lost or stolen.
What is D2L?
D2L is the Integrated Learning Platform for students to gain web access their classes and enables the faculty and student to share course materials.​  Fully online and blended courses use D2L to access course content, submit assignments, complete assessments, and participate in discussions, and communicate with fellow classmates and the instructor(s).  Some on-campus may also store course material in D2L.  Contact your instructor for more information.
How do you log into D2L?
Method One
1.     You can go directly to the D2L home page
2.     Click on the Login button
3.     Enter your full student email address – ex.
4.     Enter PIN – Birth month and year – ex. 091972 (MMYYYY).
Method Two
1.     Go to the Broward College home page
2.     Hover the mouse over the Login button in the top right of the screen and select 'BC Online - D2L'
3.     Click on the Login button
4.     Enter your full student email address – ex.
5.     Enter PIN – Birth month and year – ex. 091972 (MMYYYY).
Which email account do I use to communicate with my professor?
D2L has an email feature that is different from you Broward College email account. Students enrolled in online and blended classes will use the D2L email tool.  For students enrolled in an on-campus class, check with your professor as to which account he/she would like you to use.
What are the size limits for attachments in D2L e-mail?
The email attachment size is 20 MB for each email.

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