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Seahawk Support- Early Alert

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Broward College students can use this form to request assistance from the Office of student Success with any of the following concerns:
  • ​Considering Withdrawing
  • Failed a Test or Quiz
  • Financial Issues
  • Helpwith Homework

  • ​Housing Issues
  • Missed Too Many Classes
  • Transportation Issues
  • Other Concerns

* Faculty members should use the alert tool inside of D2L or BC Connect to refer students.  This form is for students to self-report or for employees such as Academic Success Center staff, advisors, success coaches, or other non-faculty employees.

Why was I referred through Early Alert?

​Class attendance, participation, and performance on graded and non-graded assignments are essential for college success. If you were referred through Early Alert, your professor feels you might benefit from additional resources.

Does Early Alert mean I am failing?

​No. Early Alert provides early intervention to students who may be struggling in the class. Providing assistance early in the semester is very important to your academic success and may prevent you from failing the class. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your professor to discuss the reason you were referred through the Early Alert system. You will also want to discuss your current progress in class. Discuss whether you can make up assignments, whether you should attend tutoring or consider withdrawing/auditing the class, and other ways you can improve your performance in the class.

Will Early Alert Referrals appear on my permanent record/official record?

​No. Referrals and information gathered through the Early Alert system is confidential and will not become part of your permanent/official record. Internal records are maintained so that we can monitor you throughout the process.

Who will contact me if I am referred?

​You will be personally contacted by a staff member from either the Office of Student Success or the Academic Success Center, depending on the reason for referral. You may be contacted through email, phone, and/or post card.

I received an Early Alert email, what should I do?

​These are the recommended steps to take when you have been contacted through the Early Alert System:
1. Meet with your professor to discuss your performance in the class and reason for Early Alert referral.
2. Reply to email or return the phone call and schedule an appointment. Please leave your full name, student ID number, and times you are available for appointment.
3. Attend meeting.  If you are not able to attend the meeting at the scheduled time, please reschedule your appointment promptly.

What takes place during an Early Alert Meeting?

​Student Success staff will assess your situation and together you will complete an Action Plan.  The plan may include that you meet with your professor, attend tutoring, attend workshops, seek assistance through community resources, or even consider withdrawing or auditing a course. 

What are some of the resources provided by Early Alert?

​Students may be referred to campus resources including the Academic Success Center (i.e., tutoring, computer lab, writing lab, math lab, A&P lab, reading lab, workshops),  Career Center, Financial Aid Department, Seahawk Support resources, or resources within the community.

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