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Are you worried about the high cost of a postsecondary education? Don’t stress yourself out—you can pursue a higher education without higher costs here at Broward College. With some of the most economical tuition rates, costs and fees out of all postsecondary institutions in South Florida, we are easily the best option for tight wallets and limited finances. Best of all, we offer countless financial aid options for you. Simply take a look at our costs below and compare us to other colleges in the area for an idea of how you can save as a Broward College student.
The following provides a breakdown of the fees.
Fees and charges are subject to change without notice as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Fees, Tuition Rates and Charges
​Advanced and Professional, Postsecondary Vocational, Education Prep 
Institute and College Preparatory Courses
Courses Primarily associated with AA, AAS and AS degree programs and Technical Certificates ​
In-state Resident* (On Campus) $113.50
Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee​$80.00
Student Activities Fee​$8.00
Student Financial Aid Fee​$4.00
Capital Improvement Fee​$13.50
Parking & Transportation Access Fee​$4.00​
Technology Fee​$4.00
To​tal (per credit hour) $113.50​

In-state Resident* (Online) $118.50

Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee​$80.00
Student Activities Fee​$8.00
Student Financial Aid Fee​$4.00
Capital Improvement Fee​$13.50
Distance Learning Fee$9.00​
Technology Fee​$4.00
To​tal (per credit hour)​ $118.50​


Out-of-State (Online) $222.80

Non-Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee $80.00
Differential Tuition Fee  $75.60
Distance Learning Fee $9.00
​Student Activities Fee​$8.00
​Student Financial Aid fee​$15.30
​Capital Improvement fee​$19.60
Technology Fee $15.30
Total (per credit hour)  $222.80


Out-of-State (On Campus) $368.60

Non-Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee​​$80.00
Out-of-State Fee​$226.40
Student Activities Fee​​$8.00
Student Financial Aid Fee​​$15.30​
Capital Improvement Fee​​$19.60
Parking & Transportation Access Fee​​$4.00​
Technology Fee​$15.30
Total (per credit hour)​ $368.60​


Online courses are not charged parking fee of $4.00 per credit hour but are charged a $9.00 per credit hour distance learning fee resulting in tuition and fees of $118.50.
Health Science students:  There are additional costs related to the Health Science programs which include but are not limited to the cost of medical/physical examinations, liability insurance, a background check, a drug screening test, uniform purchases, etc.  Please check with the specific Health Science program for a more detailed list of additional costs.​

Vocational Certificate Programs - PSAV

In-State Resident* $84.35

Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee $73.40
Capital Improvement Fee  $3.65
Student Financial Aid Fee $3.65
Technology Fee $3.65
Total (per credit hour)  $84.35


Out-of-State $325.60

Non-Residents​ Amount
Tuition Fee​$73.40
Out-of-State Fee​$209.75​
Capital Improvement Fee​$14.15
Student Financial Aid Fee​$14.15
Technology Fee​$14.15
Total (per credit hour)​ $325.60


Supplemental - Continuing Workforce Education

(credit type 06)
Tuition Fee​$96.75
Technology Fee​$4.85
Total (per credit hour​) $101.60


Baccalaureate Courses
Junior and Senior level courses associated with baccalaureate degree programs
(credit type 01, 02)


In-State Resident* $128.89

Residents​ Amount​
Tuition Fee​$91.79
Student Activities Fee$9.18
Student Financial Aid Fee$4.59
Capital Improvement Fee​$14.74
Parking & Transportation Access Fee​$4.00​
Technology Fee​$4.59
Total (per credit hour)​ $128.89


Out-of-State $587.45

Tuition Fee​$91.79​
Out-of State Fee​$384.72​
Student Activities Fee​$9.18​
Student Financial Aid Fee​$23.83
Capital Improvement Fee​$50.10
Parking & Transportation Access Fee​$4.00​
Technology Fee​$23.83
Total (per credit hour)​ $587.45


Additional special fees are charged for some courses and laboratories.
Special fees are shown with individual course information in the College catalog.
The College, through Continuing Education and other academic departments, offers noncredit courses, seminars and workshops designed to meet the needs of citizens of all ages who reside in Broward County.  Special brochures and bulletins are developed and distributed covering the specifics of each course.  These documents become supplements to the official catalog and contain special fees and special charges associated with each course.  These fees are due and payable according to the terms indicated within those documents.
*Resident status, for tuition purposes, is defined by Florida Statutes 1009.21, and determined by the Registrar’s Office upon admission to the College.  Students who qualify for a new resident status can apply for a change prior to the first day of the term.


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