CCN: CJK0013 Title: Interactions In A Diverse Community Credit Hrs: 0.00
Description : 
Communicate effectively and professionally when interacting with people in a variety of circumstances, interact with an individual with physical or developmental disabilities, recognize the signs and symptoms specific to the disability, and provide the most appropriate intervention, interact with veterans in crisis, recognize potential emotional triggers, and recommend available resources, interact with persons exhibiting signs of mental illness using communications skills appropriate for the condition of the individual, and understand how to use the Baker Act for an involuntary examination, interact with a person threatening suicide, assess the risk of suicide, and provide services and stabilize the situation, interact with juveniles, assess their behavioral characteristics, and provide the most appropriate response to a call involving a juvenile, interact with a person suspected of substance abuse, apply officer safety skills, and understand how to use the Marchman Act for an involuntary admission, interact with an elderly individual, understand age-related conditions, and make referrals for appropriate intervention interact with homeless individuals, understand the increasing occurrence of homelessness, and identify related crimes, identify a crisis situation, recognize an officers duty to recognize, respond and intervene safely and professionally and understand the options available to the officer, and provide the most appropriate intervention, identify high risk by the groups characteristics and ideology and document criminal or suspected criminal activity.
Lec Hrs =   40.00 Lab Hrs =   0.00 Oth Hrs =   0.00 Fees =   0.00


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