CCN: DIG2116C Title: Digital Imaging Advanced Credit Hrs: 3.00
Description : 
The student will learn the advanced image processing techniques to prepare images for various output venues for web and multimedia. Multimedia and web developers use sophisticated graphic software (Fireworks and Photoshop or other similar software) to create interactive and stunning visuals that are easily integrated into dynamic multimedia and web pages. Students will learn how to create graphics with vector and bitmap images, apply special effects, build buttons, rollovers, animated gifs, image maps, compare graphic formats, optimize web graphics & palettes. Projects focus on resolution, color management including palettes and bit depth, optimization, image and texture creation, alpha channels for compositing, and special effects. Industry standard software will be used including Photoshop and Fireworks.
Prerequisite(s) : DIG2115C
Lec Hrs =   24.00 Lab Hrs =   24.00 Oth Hrs =   0.00 Fees =   46.00


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