CCN: LIT2030 Title: Introduction To Poetry Credit Hrs: 3.00
Description : 
Students will be introduced to a representative selection of poetry from various cultures and time periods. Texts may be selected from major figures within movements during specific periods, such as Romanticism, Modernism or New Formalism, the Black Arts Movement, the New York School or the San Francisco Renaissance, Confessional Poetry, Performance Poetry or Concrete Poetry, the Beats, Slam Poets, Language Poets or any other emerging forms, writers or groups within the art. A student must earn a grade of "C" or higher to meet the requirements of the Gordon Rule. This is a writing credit course with International/ Intercultural content.
Lec Hrs =   48.00 Lab Hrs =   0.00 Oth Hrs =   0.00 Fees =   0.00


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