MTB1370 NUR2000L
CCN: NUR2000 Title: Transition Nursing I Credit Hrs: 2.00
Description : 
Transition to Nursing Process I or NUR2000 is a 2 semester hours course which is a theoretical course designed to introduce the student to the basic elements of the Associate Degree Nursing curriculum. Nursing Transition I provides the licensed practical nurse with the fundamental skills and knowledge of the Registered Nurse role including nursing process, health assessment, legalities, basic communication skills, and an understanding of the needs of the medical surgical patient. This course builds on previously learned concepts and introduces more sophisticated nursing interventions related to medication and blood administration; care of patients experiencing alterations in the basic needs of fluid and electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, oxygenation, aging patient, and patient with knowledge deficits. Pre-requisite: Licensed Practical Nurse - Completion of a Licensed Practical Nurse Program and successfully pass the PN-NCLEX Examination with active licensure.
Prerequisite(s) : BSC2085 BSC2085L BSC2086 BSC2086L ENC1101 MAC1105
Corequisite(s)  : HSC1149
Lec Hrs =   32.00 Lab Hrs =   0.00 Oth Hrs =   0.00 Fees =   0.00


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