Art, Fine And Applied
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
ARH2000 Art Appreciation
ARH2050 World Art: Prehistory To Gothic
ARH2051 World Art: Renaissance To Modern
ARH2351 Spanish Art History
ARH2402 Modern Art
ARH2660 Latin American Art
ART1201C 2 D Design
ART1203C 3d Design
ART1300C Drawing I
ART1301C Drawing Ii
ART1301C Intermediate Drawing
ART1431C Beginning Silkscreen
ART1600C Computer Art
ART2205C Color Theory
ART2330C Life Drawing
ART2400C Beginning Printmaking
ART2500C Painting I
ART2501C Painting Ii
ART2540C Watercolor
ART2623C 3d Computer Modeling For Animation
ART2701C Sculpture
ART2750C Ceramics I
ART2751C Ceramics Ii
ART2752C Ceramics: Throwing On The Potters Wheel
ART2754C Ceramics: Hand-Building
ART2777 Ceramics Skills And Concepts
ART2905 Independent Study
ART2906 Independent Study: Ceramics
ART2907 Independent Study: Drawing
ART2908 Indepent Study: Sculpture
ART2909 Independent Study: Painting
ART2931C Art Special Topics: (Specify Medium)
ART2932C Special Topic: Ceramics
ART2950 Seminar In Art
ART2990C Portfolio Preparation And Exhibition
FIL1131 Screenwriting Ii
FIL1420C Introduction To Film Production I
FIL1456C Film Production Design
FIL1552C Film Editing I
FIL1552C Film Post Production I: Editing
FIL2438C Film Production Iii
FIL2471C Film Post Production Iii: Visual Effects
FIL2515C Film Production Iv
FIL2537C Film Editing Ii: Sound Editing
FIL2537C Film Post Production Ii: Sound Design
FIL2572C Film Post Production Iv: Advanced Post
FIL2611 Film Business And Entrepreneurship
FIL2647 Film Producing And Production Management
GRA2190C Introduction To Graphic Design
GRA2191C Graphic Design Ii
PGY2401C Photography I
PGY2404C Photography Ii
PGY2800C Fine Arts Digital Photography
PGY2905 Independent Study: Photography

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