Course List:
Course ID Class Title
COM2336 Computer Mediated Communication
COM2370 New Media Communication Applications I
COM2371 New Media Communication Applications Ii
COM2372 New Media Communication For Business
COM2412 Communication Methods And Culture
COM2941 New Media Communication Internship
FIL1100 Screenwriting 1
FIL1131 Screenwriting Ii
FIL1420C Introduction To Film Production I
FIL1456C Film Production Design
FIL1552C Film Post Production I: Editing
FIL2000 Film Appreciation
FIL2432C Film 3: Fiction Filmmaking
FIL2432C Film Production Ii
FIL2438C Film 2: Nonfiction Filmmaking
FIL2438C Film Production Iii
FIL2471C Visual Effects
FIL2515C Film 4: Producing The Short Film
FIL2515C Film Production Iv
FIL2537C Sound Design
FIL2572C Advanced Post Production
FIL2611 Film Business And Entrepreneurship
FIL2647 Film Producing And Production Management
FIL2791C Motion Picture Visual Post Production 1
FIL2930 Special Topics In Film And Video
MMC2121 Writing Fundamentals For Communicators
RUS1120 Beginning Russian I


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