Computer Science
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
CAP2760C Introduction To Big Data With R And R-Studio
CDA2105C Systems Integration And Architecture
CDA2332C Systems Integration And Architecture
CDA4411 Systems Integration And Architecture
CEN4341 Platform Technologies
CEN4722 Human Computer Interaction
CET1600C Cisco Networking I
CET1610C Cisco Networking Ii
CET1615C Cisco Networking Iii
CET1620C Cisco Networking Iv
CET1630C Network Cabling Technologies
CET2625C Cisco Ccnp Routing
CET2627C Cisco Ccnp Ii
CET2628C Cisco Ccnp Iii
CET2688C System Security Practitioner (Sscp)
CET3660C Cisco Ccna Security
CGS1060C Computer And Internet Literacy
CGS1460C Secure Coding
CGS1510C Electronic Spreadsheet
CGS1540C Database Management
CGS1557C Internet Site Design
CGS2100C Computer Applications
CIS1000C Introduction To Computer Science
CIS2028 Information Systems
CIS2352C Ethical Hacking I
CIS2359C Ethical Hacking Ii: Capstone
CIS2530C Web And Database Security
CIS2910C Systems Development Capstone
CIS2949 Co Op Work Experience
CIS3347C Information Storage And Management
CIS4253 Social And Professional Issues In It
CIS4361 Information Assurance And Security
CIS4596 It Capstone Project
CNT3014C Enterprise System Integration
CNT3504C Networking
CNT3604 System Administration And Maintenance
CNT3702 Infrastructure And Facilities Planning
CNT3721C Virtualization Concepts And Implementation
CNT4422C Cloud Security (Ccsp)
COP1000C Introduction To Computer Programming
COP1210C Programming 1
COP1258C Secure Coding
COP1334C Introduction To C++
COP1702C Introduction To Database And Mysql
COP2071C Database Design And Programming Using Sql
COP2111C Intermediate Web Scripting
COP2171C Visual Basic Programming
COP2222C Programming In Objective-C
COP2335C Intermediate C++ Programming
COP2337C Programming Ii
COP2360C C# Programming
COP2361C Object-Oriented Analysis And Design
COP2658C Ios Application Development I
COP2658C Iphone Application Development
COP2660C Android Application Development I
COP2800C Programming In Java
COP2821C Visual Basic Development
COP2940 Web Programming Internship
COP4858 Integrative Programming And Technologies
CTS1106C Unix
CTS1111C Linux +
CTS1133C A+ Essentials
CTS1134C Network+
CTS1212C Adobe Photoshop
CTS1214C Microsoft Project
CTS1390C Installing And Configuring Windows Server 2012
CTS1391C Administering Windows Server 2012
CTS1392C Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012
CTS1806C Web Authoring 2
CTS1808C Website Animation
CTS1851C Web Authoring 1
CTS2120C Security+
CTS2131C A+ Practical
CTS2148C Project+
CTS2156C Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Support
CTS2314C Network Defense And Countermeasures
CTS2383C Managing A Server Network Operating System
CTS2393C Designing And Implementing A Server Infrastructure
CTS2394C Implementing Advanced Server 2012 Infrastructure
CTS2395C Implementing A Desktop Infrastructure
CTS2396C Implementing Desktop Application Environments
CTS2420C Microsoft: .Net Foundations
CTS2434C Microsoft Sql Server Developer I
CTS2437C Microsoft Sql Server Database Administration I
CTS2438C Microsoft Sql Server Database Administration Ii
CTS2441C Oracle Database Administration I
CTS2442C Oracle Database Administration Ii
CTS2445C Oracle Developer
CTS2446C Oracle Developer Ii
CTS2451C Microsoft Sql Server Developer Ii
CTS2464C Sun: Advanced Java Programming
CTS2651C Router Technology
CTS2652C Advanced Router Technology
CTS2852C Client-Side Scripting
CTS2854 Ciw: E-Commerce Strategies And Practices I
CTS2857C Server-Side Scripting
CTS2858C Ciw E-Commerce Specialist
CTS2859C Ciw E-Commerce Specialist
CTS3103C Virtualization Concepts And Implementation
CTS3350C Implementing Advanced Server 2012 Infrastructure
CTS3393C Designing And Implementing A Server Infrastructure
CTS3394C Implementing Advanced Server 2012 Infrastructure
CTS3626C Cisco Ccnp Routing
CTS3660C Cisco Ccnp Routing
CTS4324C Implementing Desktop Application Environments
CTS4338C Microsoft Exchange Server
CTS4339C Microsoft Exchange Server
CTS4340C Implementing A Desktop Infrastructure
CTS4375C Advanced Cloud Infrastructure And Services
CTS4379C Advanced Cloud Infrastructure And Services
CTS4395C Implementing A Desktop Infrastructure
CTS4396C Implementing Desktop Application Environments
CTS4627C Cisco Ccnp Switching
CTS4628C Cisco Ccnp Troubleshooting
CTS4663C Cisco Ccnp Troubleshooting
ISM2311C It Project Management: Capstone
ISM4480C Secure Electronic Commerce


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