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About Department Head:
Thank you for visiting the North Campus Mathematics Department Web Page. As the Department Chair, I have been privileged to work with many excellent and dedicated faculty and students. The faculty and I are continually striving to create situations that will help students be successful in Mathematics.

About Mathematics Department:
The Department makes a concerted effort to provide students with a variety of learning environments - because learning styles of students are not all the same. For example, Intermediate Algebra may be taken as a self paced class, a computer based class, a traditional lecture style class, or as a supplemental instruction class.

The Math Lab at North Campus is praised by students from every BC campus and is often referred to as the "best." The Lab is open to all mathematics students, but is primarily for college preparatory students. An orientation of the Lab is presented to each college preparatory class at the beginning of each term and records of attendance are maintained for each college preparatory student. Instructors may or may not require that students spend time in the Lab; however, each college preparatory student pays for one credit hour in order to use the Lab. Other students may pay a fee in order to use the Lab. The Lab Supervisor, Janet Hartnett, provides books and supplements that match the adopted textbooks for the courses. Tutors move from student to student in an open style atmosphere.

Each major term, instructors provide final exam review sessions for some of the courses. These instructors volunteer for and donate their time to this project. The faculty has developed review sheets for the sessions that are made available to all students. These review sheets may be picked up in the Math Lab.

The Department tries to adopt new technology as it becomes available and is deemed a tool for the enhancement of learning. Graphing or Scientific Calculators are required in many college level mathematics courses. Calculators may not be used in other courses or on certain exams.

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