Mercedes Fisher
Associate Dean, Information Technology
North Campus
(954) 201-2292

Reports to:
Dean, Information Technology
Teaching Credentials :
Bachelor Of Arts
Austin College

Bachelor Of Arts
Austin College

Doctor Of Philosophy
Curriculum & Instruction
University Of Denver

Master Of Arts
Austin College

Biography Information :
Dr. Fisher is an accomplished instructional leader supervising faculty and staff, and providing outstanding service to students by creating high impact learning environments that offer strong academic programs, develop new programming that responds to workforce demands, and promote overall student success. She comes to Broward College with over 25 years of post-secondary educational experience, most recently serving as an Associate Dean for IT and Business schools over the past ten years. She spent the early part of her career teaching master's and doctoral courses while holding appointments as professor at Colorado State University, Marquette University, and Pepperdine University. As a Visiting Scholar she taught at the University of Sydney in 2002 and as a Fulbright Scholar she taught at National College of Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin City University and the Limerick Institute of Technology, 2005-2006. Mercedes has extensive experience in the field of educational technology and has assisted higher education institutions, K-12 schools and districts, state departments of education, regional and national educational consortia, and corporations with the creation and deployment of effective academic technology methodology and curriculum. She has peer-reviewed international journal articles and book chapters on social media, digital technologies, career pathways and education technology and presented her research as an invited speaker. She has worked with grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice programs, US Department of Justice, Microsoft Corporation, NASA, The US Department of Education, The US Department of Labor's Employment & Training Administration, NSF, Technology Literacy Challenge, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Digital Action and Knowledge Economy Skills Passport in Ireland. She obtained a Ph.D. degree from the University of Denver-Colorado.

Teaching Philosophy:

My approach to teaching begins with the end in mind to enhance each student's professional empowerment. In other words, to construct their own perspectives based on both logic and evidence. The process begins by introducing students to major educational methods, models and ideas (e.g. multiple research paradigms, learning theories, curriculum models, professional development, school change, etc.). A primary goal I have is bringing theory and practice so that the lessons I impart in the classroom effect real world results. Some of the strategies I use are simulations, animations and compelling and updated case studies, then challenging my students to think through the complexities of these materials. By remaining current, and by using real world examples, we can better engage our students and generate passion for the intellectual journey that will make them good leaders. Then, through exploring and debating the current issues within their specific fields of study, assist students in becoming active agents of reform within their personal and occupational communities. I do try to bring a high level of enthusiasm, the value I place on intellectual curiosity and personal commitment to my work, making myself accessible to students whenever possible. I try to revamp my courses every time I teach so that I don?t get stale doing it. The diversity of our students, educators, corporate, military and industry backgrounds can also prove challenging. I have continually searched out and added resources to better accommodate this diversity. Much of my theoretical foundation is based on learner-centered and constructivist, approaches where inquiry into authentic questions generated from student experiences is a central strategy. Learning requires students to assume a variety of new roles-researcher, petitioner, interviewer, writer, editor, team member etc. I seek to diversify my teaching strategies to respond to the learning styles of my students by employing innovative pedagogical and technological strategies. Most recently, I have conducted seminars on Millennial Teaching Strategies investigating new content delivery options. I would also be able to deliver and/or create/design seminars based on faculty/student needs, interests, or areas, which are identified as needing extra support or development. In addition, I would happily provide leadership, mentoring, technology coordination, and faculty technology coaching. I am wholeheartedly invested in the development of a community of learners. As Alex Polari de Alverga so clearly states, The community is a vast landscape for a material realization whenever each person enters into contract with the gifts, virtues, and shortcomings of its members. It is also the immense laboratory that enables our abilities to develop. For me, it is the essence of good teaching. (Quote source: Forest of Vision: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Spirituality and the Santa Daime Tradition).


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