Xenia Conquy
Adjunct - Salary
Willis Holcombe Center


Reports to:
Associate Dean, Academic Affai
Teaching Credentials :
Master Of Science
Environmental Science
University Of Idaho

Master Of Science
Florida Atlantic University

Biography Information :
Students come first. I try to be available as much as possible to assist them and to render taking my class an enjoyable experience. Am completely trilngual in English, Spanish and French, which helps international students.

Teaching Philosophy:

Born in the Pyrennees Mountains, France. Brought up all over the world. Worked as a Geologist for both Mining and Environmental Industries, based out of Denver and Houston. Worked all over the world, especially South America and Africa.

Course Schedule:
Term: 20172
RefNo CCN Class Title  Start Date  End Date  Start/End Time Day Location
563806 GLY1010 PHYS GEOLOGY 01/09/2017 05/07/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
564610 GLY1010L PHYS GEOL LAB 01/23/2017 04/23/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
564642 OCE1001L OCEANOGRAPHY LAB 01/23/2017 04/23/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
Term: 20173
RefNo CCN Class Title  Start Date  End Date  Start/End Time Day Location
570780 GLY1010 PHYS GEOLOGY 06/28/2017 08/08/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
570781 GLY1010L PHYS GEOL LAB 06/28/2017 08/08/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
Term: 20181
RefNo CCN Class Title  Start Date  End Date  Start/End Time Day Location
578666 GLY1010 PHYS GEOLOGY 09/06/2017 12/03/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
578928 OCE1001 INTRO OCEANOG 10/17/2017 12/12/2017 N/A ONLINE *** /*
Term: 20182
RefNo CCN Class Title  Start Date  End Date  Start/End Time Day Location
588622 GLY1010 PHYS GEOLOGY 01/22/2018 04/22/2018 N/A ONLINE *** /*
588651 OCE1001 INTRO OCEANOG 01/22/2018 04/22/2018 N/A ONLINE *** /*


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