Rapid Credentials Commonly Asked Questions

Questions about Rapid Credentials at Broward College? Find your answers here.


It all depends. Students can only pursue/follow one Associate of Arts or AA degree. Also, some pathways allow for students to only pursue one concentration within the program, such as some of the aviation programs. However, students can, for the most part, pursue an AA and an Associate of Science or AS at the same time or sometimes two AS degrees at the same time, always having one listed as the primary major and the second one as non-primary major but active. This way, as the student completes the courses, the requirements of both degrees are being met. Also, most AS degrees have a few certificates integrated so that students get those certifications along the way.

No. Broward College welcomes students of all ages, 18 and up, to apply. The College welcomes all eligible applicants, who meet admission requirements, to apply for admission to credit and vocational programs.


No, you do not. Broward College is open to students from all over the state, country and world!

Yes, if the post-secondary institution you are transferring from is regionally accredited in the United States, or institutions whose coursework is approved and active in the State Course Numbering System (SCNS). If you took classes at a post-secondary institution outside the United States, you are required to provide a commercial evaluation for each post-secondary transcript. Only commercial evaluation companies certified by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) will be accepted. The format includes a course-by-course commercial evaluation identifying upper and lower division coursework. Education records not provided in English must be accompanied by an official English language translation by a certified translator.

Broward College offers flexible scheduling. We offer morning, afternoon and evening courses, as well as online courses which do not require physical presence in a classroom.


Broward College helps you select the best option for you. We provide you with a self-assessment as part of the enrollment process to help you find the career that best aligns with your interests. If you need additional support, we have career coaches available to help you. You can even do virtual job shadow to make sure you are pursuing the career that fits your goals.

You should schedule an appointment with your advisor and request to change your program objective. Your advisor will walk you through the process. QLESS is also available for drop in advising support.

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Broward UP™

Broward UP, the UP meaning unlimited potential, is the College’s new business model focused on transforming lives by bringing post-secondary education, including workforce classes and training, to people in locations within their neighborhoods throughout Broward County. Currently, Broward UP is being offered in six zip codes in Broward County. The goal is to help everyone reach their Unlimited Potential!

 Our free workforce courses are available for adult learners. However, for our Health Science career training classes, scholarships are available for eligible students through Broward UP and CareerSource Broward. For additional information, please contact us at workforceducation@broward.edu.

Career Source Broward

Yes, both current and new students benefit if they qualify.

Yes. Nonetheless, there is a local Career Source in every State County you can connect with.

You should do both at the same time.

Yes, email us and we’ll send you the information.



Continuing Education (CE)

Yes, we do have scholarships (through June 2023), some restrictions apply. Contact us for program specific assistance.

Yes, we have a catalog of industry specific certification and Leadership for seasoned professionals in need of remaining current, including the Mini MBA Certificate program with Six Sigma Certification.

We offer flexible learning options including: classroom, blended, online live and 100% online courses which do not require physical presence in a classroom.

Financial Aid

How much does it cost to go to Broward College?

Per Credit Hour:

Florida Resident In-state $117.90
In-state (online) $122.90
Out of state $243.40
Out-of-state (online) $373.00

Per Credit Hour:

Florida Resident In-state fees $130.89
In-state (online) $135.89
Out-of-state $589.45
Out-of-state (online) $319.75

Yes, you may qualify for other types of financial aid like student loans or scholarships. Once a student has earned a bachelor’s degree you are no longer eligible to receive a federal Pell grant. Federal aids such as loans that were used in the past are reviewed to determine remaining eligibility for future terms.

Once you have applied to Broward College and completed the FAFSA application you can apply for our institutional scholarships. Students are encouraged to complete the scholarships application once they have applied to Broward College.

Yes. If a student has a past debt, he/she is encouraged to pay for the debt or schedule payment arrangement with our Student Financial Services team before enrolling in additional classes.

The student can speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to determine if he/she can apply for a professional judgement due to the recent loss of employment.

Continuing Education (CE) Health Science

It depends on the program, but the range is between 4 and 20 weeks.

Optional Externship Opportunities are available. Your schedule and availability will be taken into consideration in finding the right externship placement for you.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of Completion from Broward College. If you chose to do so, you will be eligible to take one or more national certification exams associated with the course you have taken. For example, for Medical Billing and Coding, you will be eligible to take the "Certified Billing & Coding Specialist exam."

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

Yes, contact us today to learn more. The specific answer to this question is: as a veteran, you must visit Broward College’s Veteran’s Services department and speak with an Academic Advisor to request an evaluation of your military experience or transcripts. Once credits are awarded, if there are remaining courses you would like re-evaluated for additional credit, we will work with you to begin the process.

Courses vary within programs; it is recommended you select one program of study to identify the courses then you would like to be re-evaluated.

The portfolio is a narrative of your learning outside the traditional college classroom. Our team will provide the course outcomes and help you identify ways to capture that information into the portfolio.

Career Services

Yes, Career Services staff will assist students with internships, both for credit and paid. Students must meet specific requirements for credit internships.

Yes, Career Services offer various career assessment tools to help students with their career decision. Career coaches are also available to provide in-depth career coaching to undecided students.

Yes, Broward College has an online job board for students to upload a resume for professional feedback or create one utilizing a resume builder tool. Either way, career services staff is available to assist you with a professional resume.

Yes, interviewing is part of the career readiness process, and Career Services staff can help by conducting mock interviews. Feedback is provided on areas for improvement. Additionally, Career Services has an online interview platform (interview stream) where students can practice interviewing online at any time.

Yes, Broward College is poised to provide career services assistance to all students seeking employment. We have a VIP program that assists students in their job search process. The steps include registering on the College’s online job board, having an approved resume on file, and participating in a mock interview with a Career Services professional.