Biological Sciences
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
BSC1005 Biological Principles For Non-Majors
BSC1005L Biological Principles For Non-Majors Lab
BSC1084 Basic Anatomy And Physiology
BSC1311 Introduction To Marine Biology
BSC2010 Introduction To Biology I
BSC2010L Introduction To Biology I Laboratory
BSC2085 Human Anatomy And Physiology I
BSC2085L Human Anatomy And Physiology I Laboratory
BSC2421 Introduction To Biotechnology
BSC2421L Introduction To Biotechnology Laboratory
BSC2910 Directed Independent Research
BSC4846 Scientific Communication
BSC4848 Scientific Communication
BSC4911 Independent Research In The Biological Sciences
BSC4948 Senior Internship
ENY3005 Principles Of Entomology
ENY3005L Principles Of Entomology Lab
ENY3222 Biology And Identification Of Urban Pests
ENY4161 Insect Classification
FAS4202C Biology Of Fish
PCB3023 Molecular And Cellular Biology
PCB3063L Genetics Lab
PCB4454C Biostatistics With Lab
PLP3002C Fundamentals Of Plant Pathology
ZOO4234 General Parasitology
ZOO4234L General Parasitology Lab


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