Dental Assisting
Course List:
Course ID Class Title
DEA0000 Introduction To Dentistry
DEA0025 Pre Clinical
DEA0025L Preclinical Laboratory
DEA0130 Allied Dental Theory
DEA0150 Dental Psychology
DEA1000 Introduction T Dental Practice/Assisting
DEA1030 Pre Clinical
DEA1030L Preclinical Laboratory
DEA1131 Allied Dental Theory
DEA1155 Dental Psychology
DEA1936 Dental Seminar
DEA1940L Clinical Practice I
DEA1941L Clinical Practice Ii
DES0021 Dental Anatomy And Physiology
DES0103 Dental Materials
DES0103L Dental Materials Lab
DES0400 Basic Anatomy And Physiology
DES0501 Dental Office Management
DES0801 Clinical Procedures I
DES0801L Clinical Procedures I Lab
DES0802 Clinical Procedures Ii
DES0802L Clinical Procedures Ii Laboratory
DES0830 Expanded Functions I
DES0831 Expanded Functions Ii
DES0831L Expanded Function Ii Lab
DES0844 Preventive Dentistry
DES1020 Dental Anatomy And Physiology
DES1100 Dental Materials
DES1100L Dental Materials Lab (Atd)
DES1200 Dental Radiography
DES1200L Dental Radiography Lab
DES1805 Clinical Procedures I
DES1805L Clinical Procedures I Lab
DES1832 Expanded Functions I
DES1833 Expanded Functions Ii
DES1833L Expanded Function Ii Lab


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