What is a Pre-apprenticeship Program?

A pre-apprenticeship in a short-term, learning experience that can help you enter into an apprenticeship.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines pre-apprenticeship as “a program or set of strategies designed to prepare individuals to enter and succeed in a Registered Apprenticeship Program” or RAP. Pre-apprenticeships are a recent approach that serves as on-ramp to a more long-term learning model.

The difference between a pre-apprenticeship and other career readiness programs, or trainings, is that the pre-apprenticeship allows learners to have multiple avenues to build a successful career. Learners gain new knowledge along a specified career ladder or pathway, together with hard skills and soft skills needed to enhance their career success.

Upon completion of the Pre-apprenticeship program, you can then enroll in the RAP (for at least 1 year). The RAP is a work-based, paid learning experience with selected employers in the field. 

Training Certifications

Information Technology Specialist

  • Technical help to non-IT computer users
  • Phone and email support, to requests for help
  • Remotely help users, and/or site visits to solve a problem in person

Network Support Technician

  • Network development and maintenance
  • Troubleshoot computer issues, provide technical support and guidance to employees.
  • Create and maintain well-functioning network systems

Training Plan

Network Support Specialist Training Plan
Length Course Description and Delivery

2 months

Job Readiness and Career Exploration (online/BC/ Employer)

2-4 months

CompTIA A+ and N+ coursework (online/BC)

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CompTIA A plus logo


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Must be at least 17.5 years old

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the Interest Form
  2. Attend an information session and a program session (TBD)

Pre-Apprenticeship Framework

Strong recruitment efforts for under-represented populations

Education and pre-vocational services that prepare participants to meet the minimum qualifications for entry into a Registered Apprenticeship program

Activities introducing participants to paid, work-based learning in the Registered Apprenticeship programs

The training and curriculum are based on industry standards, approved by the employer who operates the apprenticeship program, typically referred to as a program sponsor. 

The intent is to serve increase apprenticeship opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, and those with limited training or limited credentials. 

Access to support services are included to help participants focus on the program, and may include childcare, transportation, counseling and ongoing career services. 

We collaborate with program sponsors to promote apprenticeship to other employers, so they attain and retain a skilled workforce. 

Training includes hands-on experience that simulates the work performed in the apprenticeship, with proper supervision and safety protocols. 

We have formal agreements with apprenticeship sponsors to assist with entry into Registered Apprenticeship Programs upon successful completion of the pre-apprenticeship program. 

Source: https://www.dol.gov/sites/dolgov/files/ETA/apprenticeship/pdfs/pre_apprenticeship_guideforwomen.pdf