Welcome to our Cybersecurity Awareness Hub!

Learn about the most common cyber-attacks on college campuses, from phishing attempts to social media hacks, and how you can protect yourself. As college students, faculty, and staff we are not just citizens of Broward College, but also of the digital world.

Cybersecurity awareness is crucial because it’s the knowledge that keeps our world safe. It’s about understanding the risks of the digital landscape and learning how to protect not only our personal information but also the integrity of the college’s information.

In an age where phishing attacks, data breaches and other malicious cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, staying informed is not just a recommendation—it’s a necessity. Let’s embark on this journey of digital self-defense together and make our online activity as secure as our future.

Report a Suspicious Phishing, Spam or Malicious Email

The Phish Bowl

Don’t get reeled into any scams! View real examples of phishing scams targeting Broward College.

See Phishing Samples


Learn how to protect yourself by reading through these tips.