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Career Development Resources

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Are you Career Ready?

Employers are looking to hire college students and recent graduates that know how to use their talents, strengths, and interests. A career ready person effectively navigates pathways that connect education and employment to achieve a fulfilling, financially-secure and successful career. These students are Career Ready.


How do you become Career Ready?​

By engaging in career development activities available in the Career Center. The Career Center provides a system of supports that deliver learning when and how it is needed by a team of experts that includes employers, faculty and career professionals.


Just Getting Started?

​If you are at 25% or less through your program- then here is what you need to do:

  1. The first step in making a clear career decision is Self -Assessment. Think through your interests, values, personality preferences, talents, skills and abilities, work and life experience, and desired level of education and goals.
  2. Students should complete a career self- assessment and meet with their Career Coach within the first 24 credits earned at Broward College.
    • Career assessments are tools designed to help you understand how personal traits such as interests, values, preferences, skills, and motivations impact your career satisfaction and success with various career options and work environment.


​Halfway there? (50%) here’s what’s available to you:

Registered for Career Central Network (CCN), the college’s online job board to gain access to resources such as

  1. Full-time, part-time, seasonal job and internship opportunities
  2. Develop a portfolio to showcase your skills and abilities
  3. Gain tips on resume writing, interviewing skills, dress etiquette, networking, and more!
  4. Know when career development events such as job fairs, transfer fairs, and employer on-campus interviews are happening.

Utilize Career CoachFOCUS 2, and other online resources to find out about occupations including wages, growth trends, employers hiring, and necessary academic credentials.

  1. Research occupations
  2. Talk to professionals who work in your career interest areas
  3. Get experience in field through internships ( or volunteer work
  4. Start building a network of contacts in your field.
  5. Ensure that you are take the right college courses toward your degree by regularly meeting with your academic advisor.


Looking For Internship?

An internship is a great way to gain valuable work experience by allowing you to temporarily work for an employer in a field related to your career aspirations, and earn college credits at the same time!
Need help finding an internship? Become a VIP Student first.


How do you do that?

To attain the VIP Student designation, a student must connect with their campus Career Center and successfully:

  1. Register for College Central Network, CCN
  2. Upload a professional resume to CCN
  3. Have that resume reviewed AND approved by career center personnel
  4. Schedule a mock interview with professional staff members

Your next step is to attend a Mandatory Internship Orientation. Career Center professionals will guide you through the internship process.

Almost done? (75% - 100%) You can begin to:
  1. Search hundreds of jobs through our college job board (CCN) with the help of dedicated career center staff.
  2. The career center staff can also assist you with developing a winning resume and cover letter.
  3. Gather 3-5 strong references to give to potential employers.
  4. Attend career focused workshops and On-Campus Pathway Recruitment events and Job Fairs.
  5. Planning to transfer to a College/University to further your education? Career Centers also host Transfer workshops and transfer fairs. These events are a great way to find out about admission requirements, majors offered, tuition and housing costs, and more.


Partner With Us!

​There are a number of resources available to you at various stages of your educational journey at Broward College; visit your campus’s Career Center today and see how we can help you along your path to a successful career.

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