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Broward College has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to offer a tuition installment plan to help students afford the cost of their education. Students may enroll in a tuition payment plan for any term at BC; however, a new plan is required each term. The earlier a student enrolls, the more plan options the student will have to choose from.

Plans range from zero to 50% down payment with 2 to 4 monthly payments

Find out more about our TUITION PAYMENT PLAN here.

Simple Steps to Enroll in the Payment Plan

    • Log in to myBC through OneAccess
    • From My Financials, select Sign Up Options then Tuition Payment Plan
      From Payment, select the Tuition Payment Plan

For additional tuition payment plan information or dates and deadlines, contact your campus Cashier's Office.


Refund Policy
To cancel a class, please drop the class from your schedule two full business days prior to the scheduled class for a full refund. No refunds will occur after the class has started. No shows do not constitute a cancellation. Students who register and pay in full for an educational activity, but do not attend, forfeit the entire registration fee. Online classes are not refundable once the student’s registration has been processed and payment received.

Cancellation Policy
The Workforce Education and Economic Development department reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any educational activity due to an insufficient number of registrants or for any reason deemed necessary. If a program is canceled by The Workforce Education and Economic Development Departments, a full refund will be provided.
For all requests please contact the Workforce Education and Economic Development, Health Sciences: 954-201-6768.

A certificate will be given to all participants who have completed the course and registration requirements. The certificates will be given out by the faculty member at the end of the last class session. Be sure to get your certificate at the conclusion of the course. Participants must attend the entire offering. Partial hours/credit can not be given. Late arrival or early departure will result in the loss of all hours/credit.
Note: There is a $5 charge for duplicate certificates.

Attendance is mandatory on all scheduled course dates. Late arrival or early departure may result in a loss of money paid for the course; student will receive a non satisfactory grade for the course.

Schedule/Room Changes
In the event a class is canceled or rescheduled, changes in room assignment, as well as those marked "TBA," will be posted at the class location.

Miscellaneous Information
When attending courses, you will be expected to provided your professional license number, along with a #2 pencil and a pen for signing the attendance sheet. A sweater may be needed for your comfort. If textbooks are required, they will be available at the bookstore located on the central campus in building 19. Offerings listed online are subject to change.


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