Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Broward College

Broward College Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are peer groups whose members have common interests. They are voluntary, member-led, and meet in high-trust, open environments. ERGs strengthen the connection of employees to Broward College by allowing individuals the opportunity to contribute to the mission of the institution by fostering and supporting employee interests.

Connect. Engage. Empower.

ERG members network with individuals at Broward College they may otherwise never have a chance to meet. ERGs enhance leadership, networking skills and promote personal and professional development.

ERGs provide cohesiveness across Broward College. They also provide feedback to administration in order to attract and retain highly qualified candidates for employment.

  • Voluntary and welcoming to all employees
  • Promote inclusion, cultural awareness, and diversity
  • Encourage lifelong learning, growth, and development
  • Operate in safe, respectful, and confidential spaces
  • Observe Broward College policies, procedures, and core values

  1. Gather employees that share common interests
  2. Obtain ERG administrative sponsor
  3. Complete ERG application
  4. Receive approval from Talent and Culture Department
  5. Promote and market ERG to attract additional members

  1. ERGs should be employee-driven and relate to employee interests
  2. ERG leaders must secure support from an administrative sponsor (Dean or AVP)
  3. ERGs include leader(s) and members/allies
  4. Access the tool kit for more details about ERGs and to submit an application

The mission is to empower and elevate the administrative and executive assistant community at Broward College by creating a collaborative space that promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills.


Cindy A. Howe, chowe@broward.edu

Giannela Haddad, ghaddad@broward.edu

Francisco Nelson, fnelson@broward.edu

Nora Santiago, nsantia1@broward.edu

Sponsor, Dr. David Kenton, dkenton@broward.edu

Sponsor, Kimberly Adams Goulbourne, kadamsgo@broward.edu

Eagles & Birdies ERG supports workplace inclusion efforts while strengthening a sense of belonging by encouraging social interaction and conversation through the game of golf, build on a total wellness approach using golf activities to promote physical/social/mental wellness awareness.


Robert Diaz, rdiaz3@broward.edu

Sponsor, Brian Harrison, bharris@broward.edu

The mission of the Emerging Leaders Group is to provide emerging leaders with opportunities for leadership development, access to college and community leadership, and opportunities for networking.


Rudy Jean-Bart, rjeanbar@broward.edu

Jonelle Orridge, jorridge@broward.edu

Sponsor, Janice Stubbs, jstubbs@broward.edu

To build a sense of community connection among Broward College employees through camaraderie, celebration, and fun.


Gissel Spilfogel, gspilfog@broward.edu

Marileidy Campusano, mcampusa@broward.edu

Sponsor, Sophia Galvin, sgalvin@broward.edu

To build a sense of belonging for LGBTQIA+ members through activities, communications, and employee bonding.


D. Preston Steele, dsteele@broward.edu

Wendy Varela, wvarela@broward.edu

Sponsor, Scott Miller, wmiller1@broward.edu

Will support BC employees who are working towards completion of a doctoral degree by providing a supportive environment where best practices and lived experiences can be shared, ideas can be generated, and support can be offered. This supports the ideas of academic excellence and meaningful career opportunities as outlined in the College’s mission.


Richard Louis, rlouis1@broward.edu

Sponsor, Stephanie Etter, setter@broward.edu

Participation in the sport of pickleball can enhance the well-being of employees, foster team building, and provide a fun and engaging way to socialize with colleagues. By engaging in this physical activity, employees can improve their physical and mental health, while also strengthening relationships with their coworkers. This can lead to a more positive and productive work environment.


Zhenyi Neri, zneri@broward.edu

Marilyn Rule, mrulehei@broward.edu

Esther Marte, emarte@broward.edu

Kimberly Adams Goulbourne, kadamsgo@broward.edu

Sponsor, Luz Negron-Alvarez, lnegrona@broward.edu

To support the personal and professional growth of Professional & Technical Staff (PTS) and develop a network of trust, transparency, and collaboration across Broward College.


Ed Luna, eluna@broward.edu

Avis McCoy, amccoy@broward.edu

Sponsor, Renee Law, rlaw@broward.edu

To bring women together to find support through the spirit of sisterhood and connectedness.


Latanya Fisher, lfisher@broward.edu

Luz Negron-Alvarez, lnegrona@broward.edu

Sponsor, Amoy Reid, areid@broward.edu

Create a safe place to discuss the benefits of healthy living through plant-based information literacy. To support the mission of the college, BC faculty and staff will learn how to locate, evaluate, and use credible information sources to foster informative discussions, promote wellness, and contribute to lifelong learning.


Debra Hart, dhart@broward.edu

Sponsor, Karen Parker, kparker@broward.edu

To develop professional connections and support for employee veterans representing all service branches.


Leander Singletary, lsinglet@broward.edu

Sponsor, Yolanda Brown, ybrown1@broward.edu

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