CCIS Study Abroad Students

Meet Anaice: CCIS Semester in Spain Alumni & Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Recipient!

cvillaMeet Camille: CCIS Spring in Austria & William E. Greene Scholarship Alumni

"My time spent studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria was the best time of my life. From exploring the Austrian alps, speaking German with the locals, and to visiting nearby European cities with classmates, every week was filled with new adventures and opportunities to bond with people from different countries. As a native Floridian, I did experience quite the shock with the cold weather, and it was in Austria that I saw snow for the first time! Through the new activities and foreign situations that studying abroad provides one grows so much as an individual. You become more open-minded after learning about a new culture and learn more about yourself and your culture. Studying abroad gives you a sense of confidence in yourself because you come across many foreign situations and do new activities that you never thought you would try let alone have an opportunity to experience. Studying abroad is for everyone and I believe everyone should take the chance to study abroad- you won’t regret it!"


Sarah in MoroccoMeet Sarah: CCIS Summer in Spain

To put it simply, choosing to do this study abroad program has been one of, if not thee, best decision that I’ve ever made in my life; the experience is undeniably unique due to a combination of being in beautiful countries with people who were once mere strangers that have now become some of the most meaningful friends. It was amazing to learn about and actually witness different parts of the Spanish and Moroccan culture, truly seeing how they lived and the intricate qualities of their daily lives. Deciding to take the risk of going to another country with people I have never met will always be something I’m grateful for because it has opened the door to so many strong bonds and connections, some of the most unforgettable memories, and an overall experience that can never be replicated. My house mother, Manuela, and my roommate, Kyra, are now two people that have become so integral in my life that I cannot even begin to imagine how things would be if I had made a different decision. I had so much fun practically every day, met people from all over, tried new things, and above all really went through an insurmountable level of personal growth that has impacted my life in a way words cannot describe."


Meet Nikki: CCIS Summer in Peru & CCIS Scholarship Alumni

"My Study Abroad trip to Peru was amazing! Living with a local Peruvian family made the experience authentic and complete. I was thrown into a typical daily Peruvian lifestyle via delicious, home cooked meals, local excursions, festivities, and so much more. My weekly schedule consisted of taking a taxi or the public buses to get to school each day then later enjoying a leisurely walk home down the busy street where I witnessed the sights and city life. Learning and conversing in a different language in a foreign country is an unforgettable adventure that will stay with me always! I love Peru!"


Meet Tiffany: CCIS Semester in Peru & William E. Greene Scholarship Alumni

"I would tell any student thinking about studying abroad stop thinking and DO. Stop making excuses and put a plan into action. If someone told me I would study abroad in Peru for 5 months, I would have laughed at the idea.  Thanks to the William E. Greene Scholarship I was able to experience meeting people from all over the world, learn a new language, try exotic foods, and experience a new culture. Studying abroad is imperative to your growth as an individual."



Meet Paullet: BC Faculty-Led Study Abroad in Costa Rica & BC Scholarship for Short-Term Study Abroad Recipient

 Karla in ParisMeet Karla:  Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program in France & Faculty-Led Program Travel Grant Recipient
"My Study Abroad experience to Paris was incredible! I truly wish it would have been longer because I totally fell in love with the city and with the culture. We were able to experience majority of the iconic places in Paris in such a small amount of time that when the trip was over I was so glad and happy that I got to see and experience so much culture and places such as Montmatre, Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower. We also had the incredible pleasure of going to IBE Granelle School where we got to see how the private school system works in France and we were able to compare it to our school system here in the States. Other than the wonderful experience of our trip the most important thing is that I was able to see and experience a different way of life. The excitement of exploring a new place everyday was something I looked forward to do, not only because of the beautiful places we were seeing but because I was so excited to see and do the normal day things such as hopping on the metro, or sitting on a small bakery and eating a baguette with a cappuccino. It truly was one of the best experiences I have had and I can't wait to do another study abroad with Broward college. Thank you Broward College!"



Meet Jamesa:  BC Faculty-Led Program in Costa Rica and Faculty-Led Travel Grant Recipient
"​Studying abroad in Costa Rica is an experience I will never forget. Before going to Costa Rica I had never been out of the United States and longed to experience other cultures. Costa Rica was an amazing experience because not only was I able to embrace another culture, and sub-cultures within the culture, I was able to learn more about the different environments and ecosystems that Costa Rica had to offer. The impactful experience for me had to be when we went to visit the indigenous village of the Bri Bri people. In the photo above, we had just returned from visiting their village and it amazed me how happy people can leave being away from technology and among nature. Study abroad in Costa Rica allowed me to broaden my horizons, become more fluent in the Spanish Language, and make some of the best of friends I’ve ever had. Study Abroad Costa Rica, was definitely and exhilarating experience. Pura Vida!"


Meet Eva:  Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program in Italy & Faculty-Led Program Travel Grant Recipient
"The trip was amazing! I truly experienced Italy in all aspects, first by visiting small towns such as Rimini and then heading to cities like Rome. Living among Italian students was a great way to converse and learn more about the Italian culture. Most importantly, I experienced a different way of life. Each morning, I looked forward to the new place we were to visit and the mini adventures it would bring like navigating through the streets and shops. By the end of the journey, I had another family with my professors and travel companions. Thank you to Broward College!"


Meet Ashley: Faculty-Led Program in Italy & Faculty-Led Program Travel Grant and Honors Grant for Study Abroad Recipient 
"​My experience in Italy was amazing! We stayed in an Italian city called Urbino which has a downtown that is reminiscent of any city in Game of Thrones. There were cobblestone streets, castles, and many different cafés and restaurants. We stayed on campus at a local college and we met many students of all different nationalities.

We traveled all over this magnificent country together and sometimes in smaller groups. We visited Venice, Rimini, Ravenna, Florence, and Rome. We took tours of many cathedrals and learned so much about them. All of these places are so rich in history and in culture.

This trip changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world.  As a result of this scholarship my eyes have been opened. My next trip is coming up, where I will be visiting Thailand to volunteer at an elephant shelter. I hope that throughout my educational journey there will be more opportunities to travel and I am so grateful that this door was opened for me."