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Game-based MOOC Grant

Game-based MOOC Grant. 
Broward College has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the State of Florida.

The funds will develop a college readiness and developmental education resource to support student before and during their college life.

This massive open online course (MOOC) will be provided for use by the entire state, and will be unique in its use of game-based learning activities.

The “College Readiness through GAme-BAsed LEarning” (GABLE) course design will utilize a modular approach, beginning with top-level modules for reading, writing, and math content areas.

Within each module the learner will be presented with a consistent sequence of activities that includes a pre-test to identify competencies in need of remediation, followed by targeted, media-rich lessons replete with game-based learning activities, self-assessments, posttests, and additional external resources.
This competency-based approach will ensure that each learner experiences a customized curriculum that drives an effective, time-efficient pathway to success.

The Quality Matters rubric that BC has adopted for course development will be applied to the evaluation of the MOOC prior to its release. For example, the first Quality Matters standard stating “….design of the course is made clear to the student at the beginning of the course” will be realized through text and video orientations, as well as through the interactive guidance and support from the subject area faculty coaches that will be serving in each content area.

MOOC Objectives....or, what are we determined to achieve?
  • Provisioning a MOOC that ensures an immersive learning experience for all Florida Developmental Education Competencies;
  • Provisioning a system that reports demographic data, learning analytics, student and faculty feedback for the purpose of continual improvements in course design, delivery, and student learning;
  • Provisioning a competency-based MOOC for a customized learning experience for high-school and students entering college, as well as any other student requiring discrete remediation while engaged in credit bearing courses;
  • Provisioning a MOOC integrating game-based learning for a uniquely engaging experience, particularly for “digital natives” (students who are growing up immersed in digital technologies) such as high-school and entering students;
  • Provisioning a MOOC that can be delivered to all FCS institutions in the following ways:
    • a) Within a third party MOOC platform, which in this proposal is Canvas Instructure. This platform will enable hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of students to participate concurrently;
    • b) As IMS compliant content packages (either as discrete digital assets, content area module, or the entire course) in Florida’s Orange Grove digital repository. This will provide the FCS members with a robust system for versioning and maintaining a master copy that reflects the continuous improvements built into the evaluation and feedback processes; and
  • Provisioning a statewide MOOC that is a flagship for accessibility through Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and Section 508 compliant design.
In addition to these overarching program objectives, this approach to structured and creative course development is strongly integrated into Gagne’s “Nine Events of Instruction” theoretical construct.

A marketing tool kit will be distributed to each of the FCS member institutions, the 67 public school districts and workforce development agencies.
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