Industry, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation (IMCT)

Our IMCT path opens so many exciting doors, your biggest challenge will be deciding which is best. On water, land or in space – constructing buildings or creating bleeding-edge tech – the world is your career playground.

Top 10 ranked U.S. college

We’re among the nation’s leading colleges for Automotive Technology, Aviation, Building Construction Logistics and Supply Chain, and Marine Engineering Management. Broward College graduates earn more!

Why IMCT at Broward College?

Transfer opportunities to state and national universities and colleges.

Ranked first in the state for the number of industry certifications earned by students.

Ranked for affordability - among the lowest tuition rates in South Florida.

Industry partnerships that provide students with internships, apprenticeships, and job opportunities.

Paths to Completion


Your A.A. or A.S. from Broward College guarantees you transfer into any Florida university bachelor program to continue your education. You’ll save thousands in tuition by starting at Broward College.

Plus, BC graduates who earn their degree here, then transfer into state universities perform better and are more successful on average, than students who started at state universities as freshmen.

Associate of Arts Program - General Studies

If you’re planning on getting a bachelor’s degree, then the Associate of Arts (AA) is for you. The AA satisfies the first two years at a college/university but at a much more affordable cost and smaller class sizes.  The AA includes Broward College’s general education curriculum and elective credits.  Students pursuing the AA use the elective credits to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for bachelor degree majors.  Broward College offers a variety of courses to help students appropriately prepare for seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at BC or another institution.  

Associate of Science

Complete 2 years of specialized training designed to allow you enter the workforce in a high-demand career with guaranteed job skills or continue your education by transferring to a Bachelor's program such as Broward College's BAS degree or other articulated AS to Baccalaureate degree programs.

Associate of Applied Science

Complete 2 years of specialized training designed to prepare you for entering the workforce in a high-demand career.​

Bachelor of Science

If you already have your A.A. degree, getting your bachelor's degree can happen in as little as two years or less! Specialize in Education, Environmental Science, or Nursing.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Become an organizational leader in business, technology and/or management after comp​​leting one of our BAS degrees.


See where your Broward College degree can take you. 



Today’s autos demand elite specialists. Master all the high tech, while preparing for high-paying management roles too.


Fly planes, direct air traffic or manage complex flight systems behind the scenes.


Lead construction of homes, highways and HQs. With 16% projected growth and rewarding salaries, this career builds bright tomorrows.


Getting products from origin to end customer pays well and is in demand. See the promising opportunities.


Spend sun-drenched days aboard yachts - and get paid well to be there. As a specialized marine technician, you’ll be amazed at the places you can go.

On the cutting-Edge of Technology

Develop the next big gadget tomorrow's generation can't live without. 

Top ranked. Reasonably priced.

Your top-10 Aspen-ranked education costs less than most Florida university students pay. See for yourself.

Unsure which career is best?

Speak with an advisor who can help you establish and fulfill their educational and career goals.

Looking for non-degree options?

Broward College offers a variety of continuing education certificates.