We believe there is Unlimited Potential (UP) in our community and are operationalizing a movement to increase educational access and attainment levels in Broward County.

We know that education attainment is a leading indicator of economic development and health of any community. We also know that by 2025, more than 60 percent of Florida jobs will require a postsecondary degree or high-quality certificate.

Broward UP™ will focus on six zip codes in Broward County with disproportionately high unemployment rates, low education attainment, and low household income levels. An additional five zip codes have been identified for later phases of work.

broward up communities map
unemployment: 9%-12% | Median household income:$35,000 | high school education attainment 27%

As part of a community collaborative, Broward College will leverage its assets and mission to advance the Broward UP™ movement.

resource partners, program partners & cities

A series of collaborations customized to the specific needs of each community will be established, as well as outreach efforts to overcome misconceptions around access and to align retention and support services.

goals: increase attendance, improve attainment, raise economic mobility
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For additional information about Broward UP™, contact:
Dr. Mildred Coyne, Executive Director Workforce Education & Economic Development