How to Apply for Professional Judgment

You may request a reconsideration of your financial aid through the process known as Professional Judgment

  • When you filed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, to determine your eligibility for financial aid, you reported your family's income information from two years ago.
  • We understand that since 2019, much has changed financially for many of our students.
  • When you have experienced a loss or reduction in income, it is possible that the financial aid staff can collect documentation of the loss or reduction and re-evaluate your eligibility for financial aid.
  • All Professional Judgment applications must contain a detailed letter explaining the situation and supporting documentation to be considered.

If you experienced a significant change in your household financial situation and want to apply for re-evaluation, please follow the steps below:

  • First, determine which type of appeal you need to file:
    Types of Appeals
    Change to Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Change to Cost of Attendance (COA)
    Loss or reduction of employment/earnings
    The loss or reduction must be significant and sustained. Minor reductions or losses for short periods of time are unlikely to result in any change in the re-evaluation
    Costs associated with childcare expenses for a dependent child of the student
    Child support or alimony reduction or loss Costs associated with a student's disability
    Divorce or separation of parents or spouse One-time purchase of a computer for educational use
    Death of parent or spouse One-time costs of professional licensure required for student's major
    Excessive out-of-pocket medical expenses that exceed 11% of the household's Adjusted Gross Income A change to the COA does not result in a change for need-based awards, and only increases room for loan eligibility
    One-time taxable income (IRA disbursement, pension distribution, etc.)
  • Determine the Income Adjustment Form needed to complete and submit based on your situation above.
  • Determine the documentation needed to submit to support your situation:
    • Request for Income Adjustment Appeals Form
      Loss or Reduction in Employment/Earnings
      • A detailed letter of explanation that provides a clear timeline regarding your change in income. This letter must include the name of your former and current employer, the last date of employment, and how you are currently supporting yourself.
      • A letter of verification from your previous employer on company letterhead stating you are no longer employed with them and your last date of employment.
      • Proof of any state benefits you may be receiving such as unemployment, food stamps (SNAP), or SSI Benefits.
      • A signed and dated copy of your 2020 tax returns or a copy of your 2020 Tax return transcripts may be obtained from the IRS site.
      • Last 3 pay stubs for your previous and/or current employer show year-to-date 2021 income earnings.
      • Current unemployment statements (start of benefits to the current date) from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO Connect).
    • Child Support or Alimony loss or Reduction
      • Provide statements before and following the change.
      • Provide a court statement indicating the change.
    • Divorce or Separation
      • Provide court documents supporting divorce or separation.
      • Provide proof of separate addresses.
      • Provide W 2 forms for you and your previous spouse.

Please check your Broward College student email for communication informing you that additional information is required.

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