Broward College offers a wide range of degrees and certificates with day, evening, and online classes. With campuses and centers throughout Broward County, you can achieve your higher education goals without commuting too far from home. Explore our pathways, degree, certificates, non-credit options, and academic resources to make a plan that suits you perfectly.


If you’re planning on getting a bachelor’s degree, then the Associate of Arts (AA) is for you. The AA satisfies the first two years at a college/university but at a much more affordable cost and smaller class sizes.  The AA includes Broward College’s general education curriculum and elective credits.  Students pursuing the AA use the elective credits to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for bachelor degree majors.  Broward College offers a variety of courses to help students appropriately prepare for seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at BC or another institution.  

Complete 2 years of specialized training designed to allow you enter the workforce in a high-demand career with guaranteed job skills or continue your education by transferring to a Bachelor's program such as Broward College's BAS/BSN degrees or other articulated AS to Baccalaureate degree programs.

Complete 2 years of specialized training designed to prepare you for entering the workforce in a high-demand career.​


If you already have your AA degree, getting your bachelor's degree can happen in as little as two years or less! Specialize in Education, Environmental Science, or Nursing.

Become an organizational leader in business, technology and/or management after comp​​leting one of our BAS degrees.

Certificates & Diplomas

Learn the skills needed for immediate job entry in health sciences, public safety and aviation in the programs in a year or less.

Complete these sh​​ort but comprehensive training programs for immediate entry into hot jobs while often gaining credits towards an Associate's degree.​

Emergency Medical Techn​​ician Diploma that applies to a 2-year degree

Continue your education by completing advanced training designed to supplement your Associate's degree.


Fast Track Certifications in Less Than One Term

Why Earn a Fast Track Certificate/Certification?

  • Pathway to jobs: Certifications/Micro-Credentials can give you an edge with employers.
  • Readiness for in-demand, high-paying positions: Jobs across fields with higher median average salaries. (Burning Glass, 2020).
  • Earn a certificate/micro-credential that helps you stand out: Share on your LinkedIn profile, Resumes, CVs to help stand out to employers.
  • Complete in as little as one term. Learn anytime, anywhere, and complete your course online or Live-online.

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Other Ways to Learn

Learning Communities (LCs), also called "cohorts," are ideal if you prefer a team approach to learning both in and out of the classroom where you, your classmates and teachers work closely together.  Broward College offers the following Learning Communities:

  • Concept Themed Learning Communities are two or more classes that connect their curriculum by sharing learning activities themed on topics intended to engage students’ personal interests. Past LCs have been thematically based on Food, Sustainability, and the Apocalypse.    
  • Pathway Themed Learning Communities are learning communities where the curriculum of two or more contextualized classes are combined by share learning activities and assignments themed for students’ projected career path.  One of the biggest appeals of a pathway themed learning community is that it offers the chance to link several disciplines at once to your academic pathway of study.

A Contextualized Course is a class that offers learning activities and assignments themed for students’ projected career paths.  For instance, in a Freshman Composition class, you may be asked to write an argumentative essay based on an issue impacting your future career, or in a math course, your instructor may have you focus on equations set in scenarios about your future career.

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Academic Resources


Provides a rigorous, relevant and coherent experience organized around the "Four Pillars of Honors Education": Critical Thinking, Service, Research, and Leadership.

Honors College

Seahawk Summer Academy

A summer bridge program designed for recent high school graduates or first time in college students.
About the Academy

Minority Male Initiative

Committed to closing achievement gaps between its male learners, Broward College continues to find new ways to provide sustained support to underserved students.

Minority Male Initiative