Student Forms

The Admissions Office, Advising Office and Office of the Registrar now offer electronic form submission!
Students must log into ‘Broward College One Access’ to access the forms.

Admissions & Registration Forms:

Florida Resident Form-This form is for new, returning or continuing students who wishes to declare initial Florida Residency classification or reclassification.

Non Florida Resident Form - This form is for new or returning students who do not qualify as Florida resident for tuition purposes.

Florida Classroom Teacher Tuition Fee Waiver - Fee waiver for teachers employed full time by a school district in the state of Florida.

Homeless Exemption Certification - Waiver of tuition and fees payment for homeless students.

Appeal of Residency Denial - This form is for a student who wishes to appeal the denial of residency for tuition purposes. The student must seek classification/reclassification at the campus prior to submitting a request to the college-wide appeal committee.

Home School Completion Affidavit - A student who is claiming that home school graduation requirements are complete. This form must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian.

Name Change - A student whose legal name has changed may request an update of their student information. Legal supporting documents are required as verification of the change.

SSN Change - A student whose social security number has changed may request an update of their student information. Legal supporting documents are required as verification of the change.

Non Immigrant Guideline - Foreign nationals on a non immigrant visa classification may be eligible to attend, and may be eligible to establish Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes.

Sworn Affidavit of Family Ties - A student who claims family ties to Florida in support of Florida Residency classification.

Self-Certification of Educational Background - A student who cannot obtain transcript(s) from previous institution(s).


Academic Standards Petition - A student who believes they have an extraordinary circumstance and seeking to appeal a College Policy.

Change of Program - A student who wishes to change their primary academic objective.

MAC11005C to MAT0022 Transfer Request - A student who would like to be dropped from a section of MAC1105C and enrolled in a section of MAT0022. This form is only valid during the second week of the term that the student is enrolled in MAC1105C.

Petition of Maximum Course Load - A student who wishes to enroll for more than 18 credit hours in a term.

Request for Evaluation of Military Courses - A student that wishes to transfer courses earned while in the military.

Student Class Transfer Request - A student who is requesting permission to transfer from one class to another after the drop/add period.


Authorization for Release of Information (Enrollment Verification) - A student who seeks documented verification of their enrollment.

Duplicate/Replacement Diploma - A student who wishes to order a duplicate or replacement diploma that was previously earned.

FERPA Release - A student who wishes to give another person access to their records.

FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out Form - A student who wishes to “opt-out” of the release of directory information.


Submit Petition for Refund Request- A student may submit a petition for refund for a withdrawal after the published 100% refund deadline only when non-academic extenuating circumstances prohibit a student’s ability to withdraw. Such non-academic circumstances may include, but are not limited to, serious illness of self or of a family member, death in the immediate family, and other emergency circumstances.