Transient Students

Transient students do not intend to transfer to, or seek either a degree or certificate at BC. If you are currently enrolled at another postsecondary institution and have permission from that institution to take one or more classes at Broward College, you are a transient student.

Please note that some BC courses may have prerequisites or co-requisites, including labs.

As a transient student, you accept full responsibility for possessing or acquiring, at the time of enrollment, the knowledge and/or skills that these pre- and co-requisites provide.

Transient students are responsible for requesting that an official transcript be sent to their home institution after completion of coursework at BC. There ​will be a fee assessed for that transcript.

How to Apply

Florida Public College and University Students 

The State of Florida has a portal for electronic submission through FloridaShines. To get started, select "Take a course at another school" and follow the prompts. You will not charged an application fee, but are charged a transient fee not to exceed $5 per course enrolled. This is a processing fee and you will not be refunded if you do not enroll. The form will be submitted electronically routed to the Academic Advising Office of the campus you've selected, then the Financial Aid Office and lastly the Registrar Office for verification. You will receive confirmation through the email provided on your application. Finally, you may check the status of your transient application anytime by logging back into your account through FloridaShines.

Florida Public Student


Out-of-state and in-state Private Transient Student Checklist:

Email Transient Letter

Be sure to email your transient letter from your home institution to the email inbox for the respective campus you are attending i.e. Central, North, South etc. Please allow 72 hours for processing.

Campus Location Email Contact
North Campus
A. Hugh Adams Central Campus
Judson A. Samuels South Campus
Willis Holcombe Center
Miramar West Center
Broward College Online
Continuing Education

Questions can be sent via email or you can call the main number 954-201-7350.

Enroll as New or Returning out of state or private Transient Student.

Be sure to select Enrollment Intention - To enroll in college credit courses as a non-degree seeking student or as a transient student and complete the application. Remember to record/save your login information as you will need it to register for classes.

Get Approval

Check your email for approval after submitting your transient letter and have completed the admissions process.

Register for Classes

Review Registration Steps


Transient students from Florida public colleges and universities will not need to verify residency as their home institution provides the information. However, transients from out of state and private colleges and universities will be required to verify Florida residency.


Transients within the Florida public college and university system will not be required to pay an application fee.

Transients outside the Florida public system will complete the College's online application and charged the application fee.