Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. (STEM)

What kind of person typically thrives in a STEM career? Someone with a strong work ethic who enjoys intellectual challenges; questions the norm; is interested in math and science; likes solving tough problems; and doesn’t let risk of failure hold them back. STEM programs aren’t easy, but for those suited to these career paths, the rewards can be significant.

STEM Careers: Above-Average Earnings

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 93 out of 100 STEM occupations have salaries above the national occupational wage average and STEM’s average wage was $87,570, nearly double that of non-STEM occupational wages ($45,700).  Plus, BC graduates are among the highest earners in Florida!

Source for national STEM and non-STEM wages above: Stella Fayer, Alan Lacey and Audrey Watson U.S. Bureau of Labor, Spotlight on Statistics, January, 2017

When STEM at Broward College?

Transfer opportunities to state and national universities and colleges.


Ranked first in the state for the number of industry certifications earned by students.


Ranked for affordability - among the lowest tuition rates in South Florida.

Industry partnerships that provide students with internships, apprenticeships, and job opportunities.

Paths to Completion


Your A.A. or A.S. from Broward College guarantees you transfer into any Florida university bachelor program to continue your education. You’ll save thousands in tuition by starting at Broward College.

Plus, BC graduates who earn their degree here, then transfer into state universities perform better and are more successful on average, than students who started at state universities as freshmen.

Associate of Arts Program - General Studies

If you’re planning on getting a bachelor’s degree, then the Associate of Arts (AA) is for you. The AA satisfies the first two years at a college/university but at a much more affordable cost and smaller class sizes.  The AA includes Broward College’s general education curriculum and elective credits.  Students pursuing the AA use the elective credits to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for bachelor degree majors.  Broward College offers a variety of courses to help students appropriately prepare for seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at BC or another institution.  

Associate of Science

Complete 2 years of specialized training designed to allow you enter the workforce in a high-demand career with guaranteed job skills or continue your education by transferring to a Bachelor's program such as Broward College's BAS degree or other articulated AS to Baccalaureate degree programs.


Bachelor of Science

If you already have your A.A. degree, getting your bachelor's degree can happen in as little as two years or less! Specialize in Environmental Science.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Become an organizational leader in technology after comp​​leting our BAS in IT degree.


See where your Broward College degree can take you. 


Employer Spotlight

Job Readiness & Career Opportunities

Committed to assisting our students prepare for the best career opportunities in their field with internships, job shadowing and partnerships with employers providing exclusive opportunities to students and alumni. 

Top ranked. Reasonably priced.

Your top-10 Aspen-ranked education costs less than most Florida university students pay. See for yourself.

Unsure which career is best?

Help Me Choose quickly guides you to roles matching your strengths and interests.

Looking for non-degree options?

Broward College offers a variety of continuing education certificates.

Get a Tech Advantage

Increase your earning potential with accelerated mini-sessions and low-cost test-out options.