Employment Solutions appointments are available virtually through Zoom for any career-related topic. Our Career Coaches help students identify the right career pathway based on skills, interests, and aptitudes. Our Career Placement Specialists work with students for internship and job placement and “go beyond the job board.” Schedule an appointment today!

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Career Center Information

Employment Solutions has Career Centers on each main campus (North, Central, and South). Our EMPLOYS team is located directly in the heart of the community at Broward College @ YMCA.

Employment Solutions Team

Herman Anderson
Senior Career Placement Specialist Broward UP
Marie Branford
Senior Career Placement Specialist Broward UP
Deissy Casas
Career Coach
Dr. Sheelah Franck
Director, Employment Solutions
Terressa Franklin
Senior Career Placement Specialist,
Jeff Hadley
Senior Career Placement Specialist Broward UP
Sandra Harley
Senior Career Placement Specialist Broward UP
Jill Horowitz
Senior Director, Employment Solutions
Jefrey Libreros
Senior Career Placement Specialist
Johnae Mann
Project Director, EMPLOYS
Laurence Matthew
Senior Specialist Placement Specialist, Broward UP
Auvernia Molina
Senior Career Placement Specialist
Deborah Pinnock
Senior Career Placement Specialist North Campus
Michelle Richardson
Career Coach, South Campus
Dr. Jennifer Saint Louis
Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation
Shaunice Valentine
Communications and Technology Coordinator
Brittany Valera
Director, Employment Solutions
Ariella Vega
Coordinator, Program Events and Internships