Get the professional skills needed to land a job and thrive in your career with the valuable resources available to you through Employment Solutions. We can help you get job ready with a polished LinkedIn page and resume, as well as the interview techniques and soft skills needed to impress employers.   

Soft Skills Credential

Employment Solutions provides access to highly interactive online training modules focused on these in-demand employability skills. Specifically, individuals can enroll into the program for FREE and complete the following four modules at their own pace: Communicating Effectively; Conveying Professionalism; Promoting Teamwork & Collaboration; Thinking Critically & Problem Solving. Upon completion of the modules, individuals can take the Soft Skills assessment. Those who pass will earn the “Florida Ready to Work Soft Skills Credential,” which can be shared with employers to prove they are career ready.


Resume Preparation

CCN is a dynamic job board with multiple functionalities. In CCN, you can build a résumé with the Résumé Builder tool. You may also upload a résumé file to Résumé Central® so it can be searched by employers looking for candidates exclusively from Broward College. Additionally, you can search the Jobs Central® national job board, and the Intern Central® national internship board, for both local and national opportunities.


Virtual Interview Practice

Making a good impression in an interview is a skill not a gift. Like any skill, it requires practice. We are here to help and provide software to prepare for job interviews. Now you can begin privately sharpening your own interview skills using feedback along with thousands of video practice questions sourced directly from employers and career centers.


LinkedIn Profile Assistance

LinkedIn is a robust resource for your career advancement. Internship and job seekers with a professional LinkedIn profile can network with likeminded professionals with this career-focused social media platform.   

You are cordially invited to connect with Employment Solutions on LinkedIn, where you can engage, share, discuss, and read the most recent updates from our Broward community.

Career Readiness Workshops

Employment Solutions workshops provide educational opportunities for students to engage in important career conversations and learn key career readiness skills. Workshops often include topics such as How to Network Effectively, Best Practices for Resume Development, and Today’s Fastest-Growing Jobs.