Top 6 Ways for Employers to Partner with Broward College Career Centers:

By registering for CCN, the college’s online job board, employers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Post unlimited job/internship opportunities for FREE.
  • Ability to search student and alumni resumes that apply to your job. 
  • Stay updated on upcoming Career Center events such as job fair and targeted career fairs.
  • Report offers/hires. We like to know when you’ve hired our students!

Career Center Network

Broward College defines an internship as any short-term, faculty-led, supervised work experience specifically related to a student’s declared major, for which a student earns academic credits and/or pay. By providing internship opportunities to our students employers:

  • Aid in the professional development of South Florida’s future employees
  • Directly impact an intern’s career goals and educational progress
  • An intern can provide you with creative, diverse ideas and fresh perspective
  • Strengthen the bond between education and industry
  • Helps to identify potential future hires
  • Fulfill a civic and professional responsibility by providing students with real work experience
  • Build relationships with local colleges


Broward College hosts job and targeted career fairs at each of our campus throughout the year.

By participating in such events employers:

  • Gain access to our student, alumni, and members of the community
  • Increase your organization’s brand awareness
  • Meet and network with other organizations

Employers are welcome to showcase employment opportunities at any of our campus locations. Our Career Center staff will assist you in finding the best campus location to promote your career opportunities. Benefits of employers registering for an on-campus recruitment event includes:

  • Allows employers to choose the date and time that works best for their schedule.
  • Meet immediate hiring needs.
  • Meet qualified candidates and interview onsite.

  • Career Center staff provide employers with pre-screened applicants who meet their job/internship requirements.
  • These positions must meet pre-determined salary criteria and must align with a career and technical education program of study.

This is an opportunity for employers to effectively promote their organization based on the date and time they choose, and classroom availability.

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