Paid Internship and Work-based Learning Opportunities

At Broward College, we offer two types of internships; either for college credit, or paid work experience.

We greatly appreciate our employers providing internships to aid in the professional development of our students. They are South Florida’s future employees. Internships can directly impact a student’s career goals and educational progress.

An intern can provide you with creative, diverse ideas and a fresh perspective, and you are helping to strengthen the bond between education and industry. Internships are designed to help you to identify potential future hires and fulfill a civic and professional responsibility by providing students with real work experience.

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Internships for College Credit

The Internship Edge Program

Broward College defines an internship for college credit as any short-term, faculty-led, supervised work experience specifically related to a student’s declared major, for which a student earns academic credits and can be paid or unpaid.

Students pay the standard tuition rate for a 3-credit internship course. Students are required to complete 144 work hours and all internship course assignments to complete the (3) credit course.

For further information on internships, email Employment Solutions to be contacted by one of our team members.