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Register for Classes


Once you have completed your application for admissions, you can start reviewing classes, seeking advisement and starting
your academic journey. It is a good idea to work with an advisor to create an educational plan so that you know you are
taking the proper classes toward your intended degree. 

Quick Links:
Schedule Academic Advisement in myBC​
Browse classes and get Course IDs
Register for classes in myBC ​​

Step 3

Financial Aid

School Code: 001500   

The majority of Broward College students are eligible for financial aid. Money can come in the form of a loan, grant or scholarships. Even if you think you won’t receive funding, it is a necessary step in order to pursue scholarships you may qualify for. Start by filling out the FAFSA (using school code 001500).
When to Apply
The FAFSA should be completed every year beginning January 1 of the academic year you plan to attend school.  You will need  yours and/or your parents (if you are a dependent) tax information from the year prior to when you expect to start classes. The sooner you complete the application, the more likely you are to receive financial aid, if eligible, in time to pay for fees by the fee due date.
NOTE:  Financial aid will not be awarded on your MyBC without application to the College AND registration in classes.
How to Apply

​Apply online by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—use school code 001500. Obtain a pin number at​. Students and parents of dependent students both need separate pin numbers. 

After the Application

​The online FAFSA application takes approximately 48 hours to process. Applicants will be notified of their eligibility status by the Federal government by an email notification usually within 48 hours after the application has been submitted.  The document that students receive is called the Student Aid Report or SAR.  Read it carefully as it notes any questions the Federal government has about the information you provided.  These questions will need to be answered and sometimes verified before aid can be awarded.

Visit the Financial Aid​ website for information and for completing your financial aid process after you receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal Government.

Step 4



Students that live full time in Florida get the privilege of paying a very low tuition rate, second lowest in all of Broward County! To take advantage of this, you’ll need to provide proof that you live here. Be sure to provide this proof prior to registering for classes in order to pay the cheaper in state tuition.

Quick Links:

Show Proof of Florida Residency
Florida residents applying for admission as a degree-seeking student at any Florida public college or university must complete and submit the following documentation to the Admissions Office at any campus or Center.
NOTE: Florida statute requires at least two current Florida documents issued at least 12 months prior to the first day of the academic term. Documents must be valid and show the issue date. 
Out-of-State Fee Waiver

An Out-of-State Fee Waiver for select Florida high school graduates became effective on July 1, 2014, for eligible students who do not qualify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. Who is eligible?

Changes and Reclassifications for Florida Residency

Students whose residency status has changed or those who failed to submit their residency documentation prior to the start of their first enrolled session must be reclassified.

Reclassification of residency requires the following:
  • change from non-resident status form along with
  • At least three proofs of Florida Residency to support their appeal for reclassification filed with the Residency Appeal Committee.

Step 5

  Submit Transcripts


Florida public high school, college, and/or university transcripts should be sent electronically to Broward College through the Florida Automated System for Transferring Electronic Records (FASTER). Secure PDF Transcripts can also be submitted by third party​ (such as Credentials Solutions, Parchment or the National Student Cl​earinghouse), submit all other secondary and postsecondary transcripts from other institutions within the United States to a Broward College Campus Registration office before registering for any courses or attending a new student orientation.

Transcripts can be mailed to:
College Registrar's Office
225 East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Step 6

Determine Exemption From Placement Testing


Applicants seeking admission to the College must demonstrate their readiness for college-level coursework. Students may be required to take the college placement test PERT and achieve placement scores in Reading, Math, English/Writing that show these skills and abilities in these subject areas. 

Recent graduates of Florida public and charter schools may be exempt from taking the college placement test. Use the pull-down menus below to determine whether they fit the criteria for exemption of the placement test.


Are You An Exempt Student?

Applicants are exempt from taking the placement test, if any of the following criteria applies as noted below in numbers 1 and 2; or if you are currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Services.


Recent Graduate Definition
  1. Entered 9th grade in 2003 and any time thereafter at a Florida public high school or charter high school, and
  2. Graduated in 2007 or any time thereafter from a Florida public or charter high school with a standard high school diploma with one of the eligible codes noted on your transcripts.
W06 - Standard Diploma (Passed FCAT)
W43 - Adult Standard High School Diploma
W52 - Adult Standard High School Diploma (Alternate Assessment)
W6A - Standard Diploma (18-Credit College Prep)
W6B - Standard Diploma (18-Credit Career Prep)
WFA - Standard Diploma (18-Credit College Prep), (Alternate Assessment)
WFB - Standard Diploma (18-Credit Career Prep), (Alternate Assessment)
WFT - Standard Diploma (Accelerated, Alternate Assessment)
WFW - Standard High School Diploma (FCAT Waiver)
WXL - Standard High School Diploma (Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning [ACCEL]) 
Qualifying SAT or ACT score valid within two years regardless of whether you graduated from a Florida high school. Request scores from the College Board to be sent to BC using the school code 01500. Applicable cut scores are determined to enter college-level courses.
Active Duty: Serving as active duty member of any branch of the U.S. Armed Services
Transfer Student: Earned 24 credits of college level work and have passed a college level English or Math course with a grade of 'C' or better, or have completed developmental education courses with a grade of 'C' or better at another college or university.

If you answered YES to any one of these categories, you do not need to take the college placement test. 
Are You A Non-Exempt Student?

Non-exempt students who meet any of the criteria below, must take the college placement test PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) and take all developmental courses based on your test scores.

  1. Graduated from a Florida public high school before 2007
  2. Graduated from a non-Florida or Florida private high school
  3. Earned a GED or home schooled
  4. ​Earned a non-standard high school diploma.​​
Step 7

Placement Testing


Applicants who are non-exempt are required to test, but are strongly recommended to remediate and refresh skills in Reading, Math and English writing BEFORE taking the placement test. More information regarding options to remediate your skills prior to taking the placement test can be found below, on the testing page of the website or in any campus admissions or testing office.

Prepare Before Your Test

Choose one or more of the following options to prepare BEFORE you test.  These non-course options could save you time and money.

Free online courses or Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCS):  
If you are self-motivated, enjoy working on the computer, and want to work at your own pace, this non-credit skill refresher course may be right for you.

  • College Foundations: Reading, Writing, Math. Enroll anytime in this self-paced course. You can take diagnostic tests in any or all of the three subjects and work through just the online modules you need with faculty online to assist.  


Start Smart Refresher camps: 
If you want to improve your skills quickly through online and face-to-face instruction, these camps may be right for you.

  • Start Smart Math and Start Smart Reading/Writing camps: In these 2-3 week camps, you will take a diagnostic test on the first day and develop a learning plan. You can work online from home or in the labs with faculty and tutors to help. 


After you have prepared. Take the test. 

Green sign-up button. 
Take the Test

Students who have not taken the following tests, or whose test scores on any of the tests are older than two years, must take the PERT.  

  • Enhanced ACT (American College Testing Program)
  • RSAT (Recentered SAT)
  • CPT (Computerized Placement Tests, The College Board)
  • PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) as of March 2011
  • FCAT (10th grade Florida Competency Assessment Test)

Green sign-up button. 


Step 8

 New Student Orientation


New Student Orientation provides students with important College information that will aid in meeting their educational goals. New students will be enrolled in a mandatory new student orientation session by college personnel upon completing the admissions and testing process. For information about registration procedures and topics covered, see the New Student Orientation tab on the BC Orientation page. 

NOTE: Students who do not attend will not be allowed to register.

First Time in College Students
  • All first-time-in-college students enrolling at BC are required to complete a new student orientation session prior to registering for courses.  Students who are exempt from taking the placement test will be advised in the Enrollment Services/Admissions Office and registered in a New Student Orientation session. 

  • New first time in college students who are non-exempt from taking the placement test will be required to prepare for the test, take the test, and based on scores students will be registered in a New Student Orientation session by the Testing Department
Transfer Students (First Time at Broward College)
  • Transfer students who are attending Broward College for the first time are strongly encouraged to attend a new student orientation as well. See an admission advisor for more information about orientation.
New Applicant to BC Bachelor's and Limited Access Program Students

All students seeking admission to bachelor degree programs, and limited access associate degree programs, are required to attend a program orientation prior to registration. 

Step 9

 Pay Tuition and Fees


Students are required to pay applicable tuition and fees by the established deadlines. A student will be dropped from classes for failure to provide tuition payment by the established deadlines.

How to Pay

​Applicable tuition and fees are payable through any of the following methods:

  • Online with a credit card by logging into myBC from the dropdown login menu at the top of page.​​​
  • Tuition Payment Plan, a tuition installment plan to help students afford the cost of their education.
  • Florida Pre-paid college fund is processed through the Cashier’s Office or online by logging into myBC
  • By mail with a check or money order to:


North Campus

Cashier's Office

1000 Coconut Creek Blvd.

Coconut Creek, FL 33066


Checks or money orders for payment of the application fee must be made payable to "Broward College" in U.S. ($) dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Payments in non-U.S. funds or drawn on non-U.S. banks will be returned unprocessed. Counter starter checks are not accepted.


  • In-person with cash, check, money order, debit card or credit card at a campus Cashier's Office. The authorized user must be present for credit card and debit card payments.
  • Financial aid – students who wish to use financial aid (Federal or State) must complete the entire financial aid process​ before any aid can be awarded to cover tuition and fees.

After Applying


After Applying

Log on to myBC to:

  • Activate your student e-mail
  • Check your financial aid status

Once your application, transcripts, test scores, and additional documentation have been submitted, contact the Admissions Office during office hours of the campus in which you wish to enroll.

  • North Campus Admissions: 954-201-2240
  • A. Hugh Adams Central Campus Admissions: 954-201-6865
  • Judson A. Samuels South Campus Admissions: 954-201-8835

After Admission, Registration & Payment

    • Look at BC locations to familiarize yourself with our campuses.
    • Go to a Campus Safety Office for a free parking decal.
    • Pick up your photo ID card after registering and paying for classes.
    • Print out your student schedule to pick up books at BC bookstores.  




Clery Act Notification to Prospective Students

Broward College prepares an Annual Security Report which is available to all current and prospective students and employees. The report includes statistics concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Broward College, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies, information on programs, crime prevention tips and other matters.  This report is available online at​​. You may also pick up a printed copy at the Campus Safety offices.​



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