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BC-FAU Link Program


IntenttoEnrollForm.pdfIntent to Enroll form


What is the Link to FAU Program?

The Link Program is a wonderful opportunity for you to continue your college education and receive your bachelor’s degree from FAU upon completion of your Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree. Students of Broward College will have exclusive access to FAU. This initiative was developed to provide you with guaranteed access to FAU.* As a student of one of FAU's partner colleges we want you to have the easiest transition to FAU to earn your bachelor's degree. Track your progress with the Link Timeline.
What are the advantages of joining the Link to FAU Program? 
There are many reasons to join and the list of incentives will certainly grow.
  • Guaranteed entrance to FAU*
  • Priority admissions to FAU
  • Convenient classroom locations
    • Boca Raton
    • Davie
    • Jupiter
  • Enriched academic advising
  • Small class sizes
  • Access to the best faculty

Another benefit to joining the Link to FAU Program is that students in the program can apply for the $1000 tuition waiver for their first semester at FAU. A limited number of tuition waivers are available for eligible candidates. Your AA degree must be attained to receive the tuition waiver.  Students must apply to be considered and verification of Link enrollment is required. The tuition waiver application will be sent via e-mail to all students who have been verified as being registered for the Link Program.**


How Do I Join?
Broward College Students – You can indicate your desire to join the Link to FAU Program at any time before starting your last term at Broward College. Complete the Intent to Enroll form and submit the form to a Broward College Admissions Office. For more information about the $1000 tuition waiver, see the 2014 Link to FAU tuition wavier flyer.


High School Students – If you are a high school student and wish to earn your associate's degree from Broward College, apply to Broward College and complete the required steps for Link to FAU.

*Consistent with university policy. Limited access and restricted access programs may require an additional admission process.

**Students must attend at least two advising meetings with the FAU Link Advisor to be considered for the waiver.
Pre-Requisites by College
Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters - CollegeofArtsandLetters.pdfCollegeofArtsandLetters.pdf
College of Business - CollegeofBusiness.pdfCollegeofBusiness.pdf
College for Design & Social Inquiry - CDSI.pdfCDSI.pdf
College of Education - CollegeofEducation.pdfCollegeofEducation.pdf
College of Engineering & Computer Science - CollegeofEngineeringandCS.pdfCollegeofEngineeringandCS.pdf
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing - CollegeofNursing.pdfCollegeofNursing.pdf
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science - CollegeofScience.pdfCollegeofScience.pdf

Broward College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, genetic information, national origin, marital status, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.
For information regarding the non-discrimination policies and Title IX please click the link below: