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Supplier Relations and Diversity

It Takes Team Work to Make the Dream Work

Broward College is committed to sustainable growth and economic opportunities for suppliers. We value and seek business partners to provide high-quality products and services, along with competitive and innovative solutions for the needs of our institution.


The foundation of Broward College is rooted in diversity - our students, faculty, suppliers and staff demonstrate that we are a microcosm of people representing different genders, races, nationalities, religions, cultures and overall walks of life. More than 100 countries are represented at our graduation ceremonies, and although their backgrounds are different, they are unified by aspirations to achieve.

This ideology extends to the community as a whole, especially when it comes to our Supplier Relations and Diversity program. A top priority has been helping small businesses thrive in our own backyard. In the last two years, the College’s first and second tier diversity spend has been close to $27 million for services provided by minority, women-owned and small businesses, and companies who participated in the Small Disadvantaged Business program. These vendors support our College with everything from construction, architectural, and engineering services, to information technology and catering services, medical and office supplies. A total of 153 small businesses, 134 women-owned and 393 minority certified business are in the College’s database, but the institution reaches many more.

We pride ourselves on providing equal opportunity to all, and creating an environment that breeds success. Each year, we host numerous events, collaborating with an ever-expanding roster of partnering organizations. We are dedicated to providing any small business the chance to work with our College, no matter the gender or nationality. I applaud the cooperative effort put forth by the departments as they continue to expand the College’s diversity brand of inclusion and the entrepreneurial spirit of our diverse population.

To inquire about registering as a vendor with Broward College, or to find out more about our diversity initiatives, please email us at


J. David Armstrong, Jr.

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What is Diversity and Inclusion?

In broad terms, diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. It means understanding and acknowledging, and having respect and appreciation for the different characteristics that shape an individual’s behavior, attitude and perspectives; which is generated by life experiences, gender, age, religion, education, sexual orientation, disability, and national origin.  Although, laws designed to promote equality protect many of these characteristics, diversity is concerned more with the equitable treatment of differences than with equal treatment.
Equality is sameness, the result of ignoring people’s differences. Equity, on the other hand, is fairness, which comes about as a result of recognizing people’s differences.  Inclusion fosters an environment where, employees, suppliers and external partners, feel heard, feel valued for their unique contributions, empowered and trusted to handle greater responsibilities, respected for who they are and supported to perform their duties. It ensures that the right structural conditions are in place for each individual to achieve his or her full potential. Inclusion should be reflected in an organization’s culture, policy, practices and partnerships.  Inclusion begins by linking diversity to the fair treatment of people at work through recruiting, interviewing, hiring, coaching, performance management, promotions, equal pay, social in-groups and of course, the procurement process.
A culture of diversity and inclusiveness is the brick and mortar of any great organization. Embedded within culture is the power to recruit the best talent, retain the best talent and define an organization’s brand of leadership for decades to come.
Warm Regards,
Anthea Pennant 
District Director, Supplier Relations and Diversity



It is the policy of Broward College to provide all persons an equal and fair opportunity to participate in procurement and contracting opportunities sponsored by the College.  Through our outreach and community engagement efforts we seek to ensure bidders, contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers are not victims of discrimination in the College’s contracting practices based on race, creed, color, gender, national origin, ethnicity, disability, and religion.  We achieve this mission by developing multi-tiered community outreach programs and collaborating with units on campus and executive leadership to assure the small disadvantaged business community is afforded an equal and fair opportunity to share in the College’s contract opportunities, including formal and informal procurement levels and at both prime and subcontracting levels. The College’s ultimate goal is to support sustainable growth and economic opportunities for small disadvantaged businesses.​

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