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Student Handbook

Here’s what you get inside the BC student handbook:
  • Never get lost again

    Locate where you are on the campus and center directories and also get the phone numbers for important BC departments.

  • Don’t forget when midterms and finals are

    An academic calendar identifies important dates, deadlines, and holidays.

  • Get financial aid

    Find out about the different types of aid available.

  • Take advantage of the vast resources

    Learn about services that can help you such as the learning resource centers and student mental health counseling.

  • Get involved outside the classroom

    There are a variety of student clubs you can join as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities.

To pick up a copy of the student handbook, stop by one of the following locations:

North Campus: Student Life office, Bldg. 46, room133

Central Campus: Student Life office, Bldg. 19, room 106

South Campus: Student Life office, Bldg. 68, room 189

WHC: Student Life office, Bldg. 33, room 111

Pines Center: Student Life office, Bldg. 100, room 119

Weston Center: Administration office, Bldg. 110, room 204

Miramar Center: Student services area, Bldg. 109

Coral Springs Academic Center: front desk

                                                       Student Policies
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