Partnerships Guidelines

Broward College supports a variety of nonprofit and community organizations with a special emphasis on those that work to achieve our goals and objectives and touch a diverse population. In particular, the College prioritizes giving to those that support college and career readiness, economic development, our Broward Up ™ communities, and/or employee engagement.

Due to the number of requests Broward College receives, these guidelines are meant to assist organizations in understanding the College's priorities. The proposed project, program, and/or event must focus on at least one of the four Priorities listed below.

Broward College receives many more requests than it can support. When a request is denied, it does not imply that the applicant's program is not vital. It may mean that the request does not fall within our guidelines or that all sponsorship funds for the year have been allocated.


For our communities, having a college-educated and career-ready workforce offers great opportunities to our county. To compete in the 21st-century work environment, career literacy is vital for the next generation of college students and career-minded individuals, for they face a more demanding, more competitive, and more knowledge-intensive world than ever before.

The outcome of this initiative is to partner with nonprofit organizations that: help students move from middle to high school and/or high school to post-secondary school; increase the number of low-income, diverse, military and international students who enroll in and complete postsecondary education; support programs that connect with students to provide soft and/or hard skill training; and, working with our local public/private school system so that students may better understand their career paths and opportunities. This initiative allows for the College to partner with nonprofit organizations and provides the College with various touchpoints to potential students, essentially serving as a feeder program for the College.

At a time when job creation is critical to communities, Broward College works with community organizations, governments, and businesses of all sizes to prepare workers for the employment opportunities available in today's economy.

The outcome of this program is to partner with local organizations that drive economic development and support initiatives that help youth and adults acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to obtain jobs. When we have a vibrant and growing economy, it allows our students and graduates to enjoy sustainable wages and remain in South Florida.

Communities with Unlimited Potential, Broward UP ™. The Broward UP ™ goals are to increase the college-going rate and education attainment level, and to improve economic mobility so that all Broward County residents find their Unlimited Potential!

The outcome of this initiative is to develop a relationship with organizations throughout the county that will partner with us to pursue the Broward UP ™ goals. We want to ensure our partnerships make college accessible to all in the Broward UP ™ communities.

Please review the Broward UP ™ commission structure to learn about the various ways to partner.

Broward College actively promotes volunteerism and community service and through its BC Cares program organizes skills-based and non-skills-based volunteer opportunities.

The outcomes of employee volunteer programs are to increase employee engagement and service within the community, to support employee retention, and to promote the Broward College brand.

Additionally, we track the volunteer hours of employees who choose to volunteer on their own. By tracking both Broward College-sponsored volunteer event hours and additional volunteer employee hours, we are able to calculate the monetary value provided to our community.

Broward College welcomes proposals from 501(c)(3) and/or 501(c)(6) organizations whose programming matches at least one or more of the College's Community Partnership priorities. In order to ensure that we have the proper information to evaluate and process your request, please abide by these application standards.

  • Fill out the Sponsorship Application during the open call for requests
  • Requests and materials are only accepted electronically
  • If your request is for membership dues, please contact your primary contact at the College for more information on renewals. This application process is strictly for sponsorship requests of programs and/or events.
  • Ineligible Organizations - As a standard practice, Broward College does not support and considers ineligible:
    • For-profit organizations or those without Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3)/501(c)(6) nonprofit, tax-exempt status
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin
    • Organizations or programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
    • Private foundations
    • Community or event advertising
    • Athletic sponsorships or scholarships
    • Student trips or exchange programs
    • Telephone solicitations
    • Recreational, sporting, or athletic associations
    • Individuals
    • Political Fundraisers

Sponsorship Application Information
Our sponsorship application process is currently closed. The College only receives applications once a year. To receive notification of when to apply, please register for our mailing list.

Sponsorship Partnerships Announced
Sponsorship partnerships are announced in mid/late July of each year.

Fill out the form on the Sponsorship Application tab.

Broward College is looking for opportunities where we can have a strong partnership with a nonprofit partner. In addition to sponsoring a charity's program/event, we will give priority to organizations that provide the College with additional engagement opportunities.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Speaking opportunities for our faculty/staff
  • Site visits to your campus/facility to engage with the population the nonprofit is serving
  • Student engagement/activity
  • Hosting tours of our campuses
  • Hosting events at our campuses/facilities

You will receive an email confirmation immediately after submitting the application.

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