Partnerships Guidelines

Through the Social Enterprise Plan approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2022, the College is seeking to partner with non - profits and organizations with missions aligned to the three “Big Bets” under the plan — Guarantee Access to Higher Education, Empower Student Development, and Create Impactful Career Connections. The College’s vision is to work with local non - profit partners to further impact the communities in which our students, faculty, and staff live, work, and play.

Due to the number of requests the College receives, these guidelines are meant to assist organizations in understanding the College's priorities. The proposed initiative (project, program, or event) must focus on at least one of these tactics (listed in more detail below) and demonstrate measurable impact in the community.

Please note that organizations currently receiving funding from the Broward UP Promise Neighborhoods grant are still eligible to apply, however, the initiative for which they are applying must be different from what they have received funding for through Broward UP.

Broward College receives many more requests than it can support. When a request cannot be supported, it does not imply that the work of the applicant's organization is not vital to our community. It may mean that the request does not fall within our guidelines or that all sponsorship funds for the year have been allocated. Please review the strategies and tactics below carefully to identify where your organization’s work best aligns with the College’s strategic vision.

Funding Strategies and Tactics

This “Big Bet” seeks to develop individuals and strengthen communities through expanded access to higher learning and resources across the county. Under this priority, the College has identified three tactics focused on supporting this strategy. They are:

  • Accelerate Entry to College: Expand a variety of acceleration options for all types of potential Broward College students.
  • Lift Every City: Enhance the economic mobility of Broward County residents by expanding access to Broward College programs and resources through partnerships and jointly assessed community - wide strategic points of collaboration.
  • Expand Support: Reduce barriers to entry and completion for prospective and existing students, thereby responding to changing demographic needs of our community and increasing access to higher education.
  • Overcome the Digital Divide: Leverage technology to drive engaging learning experiences, develop digital literacy competencies for learners across different communities, and expand access to the digital economy and virtual services.

This “Big Bet” seeks to provide students with a customized learning experience by responding to the distinct needs of students and the community. The College has identified three tactics focused on supporting “Big Bet”.

  • Develop Sustainable Financial Independence: Build relevant financial competencies in each participating Broward College and Broward UP student and community member.
  • Customize Learning Experiences through Multiple Modalities: Expand course and
    program offerings through the use of technology and innovative approaches to meet students' learning needs.
  • Provide a Best - In-Class Student Experience: Examine all points in the student journey and plan for even the most aspirational enhancements to our outreach, processes, services, and programs while monitoring student sentiment and continually responding to our students’ needs.

This priority identified by the College is focused on lifting Individuals and Communities through Career Opportunities that Power the County’s Economy and Advance a Global Citizenry. There are three tactics the College has identified to support this “Big Bet”. They are to:

Advance Market -Driven Curriculum: Ensure that curriculum offerings meet the current needs of both students and employers.

Answer the Call for Health Care Professionals: Address community healthcare needs by preparing students for work in community healthcare organizations.

Actualize Employment: Provide life-changing career paths for students through meaningful employment for career growth while meeting the needs of our local economy.

Broward College welcomes proposals from 501(c)(3) and/or 501(c)(6) organizations whose programming
matches at least one or more of the College's Social Enterprise Plan Tactics. In order to ensure that we have all the necessary information to evaluate and your request for support, please abide by these application standards:

  • Complete the Sponsorship Application during the open call for requests
  • Review the sample application prior to the date the application opens so you can be prepared to
    submit the application at that time
  • Requests and supporting documentation are only accepted electronically through the application portal
  • Ineligible Organizations: As a standard practice, Broward College does not support and considers ineligible:
    • For - profit organizations or those without Internal Re venue Service code 501(c)(3)/501(c)(6)
      non - profit, tax - exempt status
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin
    • Organizations or programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
    • Private foundations
    • Community or event advertising
    • Athletic sponsorships or scholarships
    • Student trips or exchange programs
    • Telephone solicitations
    • Recreational, sporting, or athletic associations
    • Individuals
    • Political Fundraisers
  • Organizations identified for funding will be required to submit reporting information twice per year based on the metrics they have identified by the organization in the application.

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