Forecast of Procurement Opportunities

Forecast of Procurement Opportunities
The full scope of services will be released via Release dates are estimated and may change. For further clarification regarding the above solicitations please contact the Procurement Services Office by email at or call 954-201-7455. For information or questions regarding DemandStar, visit or call 206-940-0305.
Solicitation Title Solicitation Scope Current Contract Number Current Contract Expiration Date Procurement Contracting Officer Current Status ESTIMATED Release Date/Due Date
Background Screening Services To conduct online background checks for pre-employment screening of all prospective employees as well as update existing employee's background checks when requested. RFP-2017-034-DD October 15, 2021 Orlando Aponte RFQ-2022-001-OA
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Due Date: September 21, 2021
Electrical Maintenance, Contracting Services, and Projects - Collegewide

To receive proposals from licensed qualified companies to provide electrical maintenance, contracting services, and projects collegewide on an as-needed basis.

RFP-2016-052-GG March 22, 2022 Jose Luis Hidalgo Drafting Solicitation September 30, 2021
General Contractor Services for Small Projects (Continuing Contracts) Provide General Contractor Services for small projects with a construction cost of $1 - $300,000; as the need arises for various project scopes; on continuing term contracts. No existing contract No existing contract Orlando Aponte Drafting Solicitation November 30, 2021
Graduation Ceremonies - Audiovisual Services Provide graduation ceremonies services and/or special events, which include audio, visual, production (labor, repair, supervision, and equipment). The scope of requirements includes, but is not limited to full completion of production for audiovisual services for graduation ceremonies including labor, staffing, equipment, lighting technician, sound technician, producers, director, cameraman, and additional staff as needed for the event. ITB-2018-104-JH November 25, 2021 Jose Luis Hidalgo ITB-2022-003-JH
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Due Date: September 9, 2021
HVAC Water Treatment Service and Chemicals To receive proposals from qualified companies capable of providing term contracts for a comprehensive, service-oriented HVAC water treatment program at Broward College's campuses, centers, and facilities as assigned by the College. RFP-2016-057-EH August 3, 2022 Orlando Aponte Drafting Solicitation October 31, 2021
Landscape/Grounds Maintenance Services Collegewide To receive proposals for Landscape/Grounds Maintenance for various College locations. The vendor shall furnish all labor, equipment, and material necessary to maintain the landscape/grounds in an attractive condition throughout the year as outlined in the specifications. Requested services include lawn maintenance services at several campus locations, with optional services for irrigation maintenance and repair. RFP-2017-033-DD June 27, 2022 Orlando Aponte Drafting Solicitation November 30, 2021
Plumbing Services Licensed plumbing contractor(s) to furnish all labor, supervision, materials, and equipment necessary to provide plumbing services, repairs, maintenance, installation, inspection, backflow prevention/inspection certification. Services for facilities collegewide on a 24/7 basis. Piggyback Contract August 14, 2021 Orlando Aponte Drafting Solicitation September 30, 2021
Voluntary Benefits Administration Services To provide voluntary benefits administration services for the College, capable of recommending and providing voluntary benefits, employee communications, complete enrollment, and billing/reconciliation administration services for all of the voluntary benefits selected by the College. No existing contract No existing contract Orlando Aponte Drafting Solicitation November 30, 2021

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