Broward College Economic Impact Study

Two recent studies have highlighted the impact of Broward College on the economy and the earning potential of students who complete post-secondary programs offered by the institution.

Florida TaxWatch Shows Value of a Broward College Education

A 2020 Florida TaxWatch report shows that students who earn a degree from Broward College substantially increase their earnings and quality of life upon graduation. The findings showed that for every $1 that a Broward College graduate spends on their education, they could expect to earn $6.63 in additional personal income over a working career. Among the other key findings, the report also found that the College provides students the best return on their investment and offers substantial economic impact across the county. It also underscores the importance of a college degree, whether an associate or bachelor’s degree, to the lifetime earnings of graduates.

The Study was commissioned by the Broward College Foundation to independently assess the economic impact of the College and the value to students who complete its programs.

Dominic Calabro, president, and chief executive officer of Florida TaxWatch, in his assessment of the results, on its release in February 2020, stated, "Our analysis of Broward College found that not only are the College’s graduates seeing lower student debt burdens and a nearly 10 percent return on the investment of their time and money, the College itself is producing a positive economic boost in South Florida with a total economic impact of more than $1.7 billion. As Florida continues to grow, Broward College is well positioned to benefit and expand, providing increased returns to its students, the South Florida region, and the State of Florida."



The Florida Economic Security Report 2019

The Florida Economic Security Report 2019 discusses data from students who graduated between the Academic Years 2012-2013 and 2016-2017 from District Technical Centers (DTCs), the Florida College System (FCS), and the State University System of Florida (SUS). The data in this report comes from a variety of sources such as The Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Bureau of Workforce Statistics and Economic Research Employment Projections.

This report offers details about areas of study that result in higher job placement rates and salaries for Broward College graduates in their first and fifth year after completion. Across the state, it appears that students who earn a bachelor’s degree or an Associate of Science degree in the area of Health Sciences have higher first and fifth-year median wages than students who earn similar degrees in a different area of study. Similarly, among certificate completers, students who receive a certificate in Engineering/Transportation Repair or Public Safety have higher first and fifth-year median wages than students who earn certificates in other areas of study.