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Whether you are a small business owner or you work for a Fortune 500 company, Continuing Education has the course you need to get ahead in your career. Already know exactly for what you are looking,

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Corporate Events & Wedding Planner
Begin a new career as a Wedding Planner/Event Planner! This certificate program provides a solid foundation for individuals looking to get started in the industry right away. Discover how to plan, coordinate and direct weddings and special events: signature wedding styles, wedding day etiquette, music selection, contract preparation, working with vendors, and prospective brides and grooms. The course also includes planning the wedding reception: venue choice, seating charts, the band, the bar, etc.

Digital Photography
Thinking about a career in photography? This course can help you get started. Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of digital photography: fashion, portraits, etc. Explore preparing for a shoot, lighting techniques, photo finishing, creating your start-up portfolio, etc. The fee includes course materials and certificates. Students must complete all assignments and projects. Bring a camera to class for a "live" photo session.

Graphic Design with Photoshop
Learn how to use Photoshop to fix and process photos to create professional images. This powerful digital imagery program takes you through the process, step by step. You’ll learn how to use tools, interface, selections, layers, channels, layer masks, adjustment layers, and smart objects.

Interior Design/Home Staging
Start a business as an Interior Decorator/Home Stager! This certificate program offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required for completing successful decorating, redesigning, or home staging projects. The course includes selection and coordination of colors, soft furnishings, flooring, lighting, accessories, decorative finishes, and practical business applications for aspiring business owners.

Creating a Successful Business Plan
Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. Committing your idea to paper in the form of a business plan not only increases your chances of obtaining financing but also in keeping your business strategically focused. With the support of your instructor and a network of like-minded students, you'll work through all of the major components of writing a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand. And most importantly, you will have completed the first--and most difficult--step on the path to small business success.

Start Your Own Small Business
Learn how to take your dream of starting a business and put it into action. In this class, you'll learn everything you need to know about starting a business. You'll begin by discovering the tricks to picking the right opportunity for you. Next, you'll learn how to develop proven marketing techniques to easily build sales. Since every business needs money, we'll discuss traditional and non-traditional financing options. Finally, you'll learn easy-to-implement employee-management procedures and how to write business policies that help you build your business.

Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
With the help of videos, spreadsheets, and hands-on activities, you'll build your skills in each lesson. You'll master cost-effective strategies including strategic partnerships, local marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, email marketing, lead generation, and niche marketing. Along the way, you'll see many real-world examples from other small businesses much like yours.

Accounting Fundamentals
If you want to increase your financial awareness and gain a marketable skill, this course is for you. You will learn the double-entry bookkeeping, financial transactions, financial reporting, and more.

Bookkeeping Certification
Become a Certified Bookkeeper. This course is for the experienced bookkeeping or accounting professionals who want to advance their career or acquire must-have credentials using the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) system. Our training program covers adjustments, error correction, depreciation, inventory, internal controls, and payroll.

Income Tax Preparation
Discover the knowledge and the ability to prepare federal income tax returns for yourself and others. This comprehensive step-by-step program covers how to prepare individual income tax returns, understand new and current tax laws, and discover available tax software to process returns. Open the possibility of seasonal employment to earn extra income.

Payroll- Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Certification Prep
This Mastery course provides you with a solid understanding of advanced payroll skills necessary for payroll managers and supervisors. This course is ideal for experienced payroll professionals seeking compliance training, professional development, or CPP certification preparation. Receive live classroom instruction, textbooks, and access to interactive online activities and applications to reinforce topics learned.

Stocks, Bonds, and Investing
Learn the basics of stocks, bonds, and investing so you can be independent and confident about your financial decisions. This class will teach you how to prepare for retirement, manage your finances, and pay for college without the need for hiring a broker or financial advisor.

Lean Six Sigma Belt Series

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Earn the prestigious Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Learn Six Sigma concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques used in process improvement projects. Course modules explain key foundational Six Sigma steps, DMAIC methodology, and demonstrate how a Six Sigma approach can benefit organizations in varied business sectors.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
This course is a continuation of our Six Sigma Series: learn Six Sigma GREEN concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques used in process improvement projects. Course modules explain key foundational Six Sigma steps, DMAIC methodology, and demonstrate how a Six Sigma approach can benefit organizations in varied business sectors. Course assignments support the comprehension of "process improvement" through exercises.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Learn the Six Sigma Black Belt problem-solving methodology, deployment, and project development approaches. You'll learn the appropriate tools and concepts at each stage of project deployment. Since software will be used for data analysis, the program material concentrates on the application and use of the tools, rather than on detailed derivation of the statistical methods. Your analytical and problem-solving skills will be challenged by workshops, which are incorporated extensively throughout the training.

Project Management Institute® Series

Project Management Fundamentals
Master the essentials of project management with an experienced Project Management Professional as your guide. This course provides the concepts you need to plan, implement, control, and close any type of project.

The Complete Project Manager with CAPM® and PMP® Prep
Learn the project management concepts and terminology you’ll need to be successful. This course will take a close look at certain critical project management aspects in-depth. Material is presented sequentially as it would likely occur in actual projects. You'll gain a thorough understanding of how to apply project management concepts, in addition to any specific variations between them. Key and critical topics are explored in-depth as they are appropriate for a more intermediate and advanced level understanding.

PMI Risk Management Professional
When it comes to cybersecurity projects, there are many knowns and unknowns. Luckily, risk management professionals plan for all potential risks during a project's lifecycle. If you manage complex projects, earning the PMI RMP certification confirms that you can identify, assess, and mitigate project risks. This online project management course will fully prepare you for the Project Management Institute's Risk Management Professional certification exam.

Pass Your Real Estate Exam… from your home, office, or on the go!


Learn principles and theories of real estate property, its economic value, and the legal aspects of real estate law affecting salespersons. Successful completion qualifies a candidate to apply for the State of Florida Salesperson’s License Exam. Register for immediate access into the classroom. Upon successful completion of your Real Estate Pre-Licensing course, you will be eligible to sit the state examination.

We will prepare you to pass your exam with:

  • Comprehensive Content: Our pre-licensing courses cover topics on the state exam
  • Instructor-led, guided learning, allowing you to learn at your own pace
  • Up to 6-months access to your online training
  • Student support by a licensed instructor
  • Lessons, Quizzes, Glossary of Professional Terms, and Final Exam

This 100% online pre-licensure course is a launchpad to a successful career in Real Estate.

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