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Adobe Animate

Learn how to use Animate (formerly Adobe Flash), to design interactive animations with cutting-edge drawing tools.

Ceramic Craft Techniques

A study of intermediate to advanced ceramic shaping techniques including both wheel throwing of vessels and hand building, glazing, decorating and various firing environments.

Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera

Discover how your nature photos can become works of art rather than just snapshots. This course will help you explore composition and lighting as you master your digital camera's controls and features to take exceptional nature photos in no time.

Photoshop Elements

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do everything from quick fixes to detailed enhancements that greatly improve the look of your digital images. This course will take you from a novice to an accomplished user.

Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business

Learn how to start your own arts and crafts business from a professional artist. This course helps you discover how to create a business identity, get into the best craft shows, design booths that draw customers, and price your work effectively.

Travel Photography

Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques that digital photographers use to capture inspiring scenes from around the world. This course teaches photography techniques that are both traditional and unique to digital technology so you can be prepared to create high-quality shots that will captivate viewers.



Personal Trainer Certification Preparation

Help others achieve their fitness goals with this NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Exam Preparation course. It's a unique online course that prepares you for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) exam. The NCCA-accredited NASM personal trainer certification is one of the most respected in the health and fitness industry. Start with this prep course to become a certified personal trainer (CPT) and reach your career goals.

Food Smart Nutrition

Gain insight into how food interacts with your body and how to make healthy changes for better nutrition. This course provides a holistic overview of current food and nutrition issues and their impact on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Discover how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and weight management. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set effective goals for eating, exercise, and many other elements that affect your weight, and be on your way to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Natural Health and Healing

Take charge of your own health and healing by discovering how to achieve total health of the mind, body, and spirit. This course allows you to explore a variety of methods including diet, hydrotherapy, positive attitude, relaxation, yoga, chiropractic, natural remedies and more to achieve total health.

Healthy Aging - Certificate

Gain an overview of aging, including the impact of nutrition and physical activity, changes in the healthy aging brain, and the role of sexuality in healthy aging.



Learn how to eat smarter, swing harder, and play longer. We've got what you are looking for! ​These Water Sports classes allow you the opportunity to advance your skills and gain an in-demand certification.

  • PADI Open Water Scuba Certification Program
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing​