Welcome to the Dual Enrollment program at Broward College. We are committed to offering a rigorous and engaging college program to academically prepared and qualified students. Currently, we serve over 6,000 high school students attending public, charter, and private schools, as well as a number of home-schooled students. Dual enrollment is a great opportunity to evaluate your student's readiness for independence before he/she begins a formal degree program at a college or university.

Important information for parents:

Student Readiness

  • Dual enrollment is a great fit for most students who show interest, maturity, and academic readiness, but it may not be a perfect fit for every student. Consider your student's organizational and time management skills as well as his/her academic readiness.
  • Your student will be required to participate in college-level courses requiring a greater degree of self-direction and motivation; the academic work required will be more demanding and professors will expect your student to perform at the level of any other college student.

Impact on Student Record

  • Dual Enrollment courses become part of the student's college transcript. Grades earned become part of the permanent postsecondary GPA.
  • Poor performance in Dual Enrollment can impact the continued participation in the dual enrollment program as well as the student's postsecondary career. This may include college admissions, scholarship opportunities, academic standing, and financial aid eligibility.

School Counselors' Roles

  • The high school counselor is the primary support for dual-enrolled students. It is the responsibility of the student to work with his/her school counselor each term to determine, first and foremost, that all requirements for high school graduation are met.
  • Parents should not contact professors or deans at the College regarding course-related information or issues. Students should meet with professors during their office hours for any concerns or questions regarding the course and its requirements.
  • The school counselor is the expert and Broward College works very closely with the Broward County School District to respect that role.

Registration Process

  • Qualified students must first meet with their school counselors to ensure eligibility, secure authorization for a specific number of credit hours per term, and select approved courses. The online dual enrollment form is signed by the student, the parent, and the school counselor.
  • The Dual Enrollment Processing Team at the College create individual registration screens based on the information provided by the school counselor before registration is open to facilitate online registration for dual enrollment students.
  • Students may register for courses online during the published registration dates. Dates can be found on the academic calendar
  • Broward College will provide a priority deadline for submission and then, each school sets up its own deadline for submitting the applications based on the number of students and its own processes. It is imperative that each student know his/her school's deadlines for submission. In order to maintain a seamless process, the College will not intervene to extend a deadline established by the school; or modify an established priority deadline. 

We look forward to serving your student in dual enrollment courses at Broward College!