DE Approved Course List

It is the responsibility of the school counselor to select courses from the approved course list that fulfill high school graduation requirements. For advising assistance you may refer to the Dual Enrollment Frequently Taken Courses chart or the Programs of Study on BC’s website.

2019-2021 DE Approved Course List

2021-2023 DE Approved Course List


How To Guides

How to Access D2L, Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate

How to Guide for Dual Enrollment and Early Admission Students

Success in Dual Enrollment

Achieving Success in Dual Enrollment Presentation

Achieving Success in Dual Enrollment Zoom Session

Honors College

Students who are interested in enrolling in honors courses while enrolled as a dual enrollment or early admission student will need to meet the honors admissions criteria and fill out an honors application.  Please visit the honors site for the most updated honors admissions information.

Accessibility Resources

Please visit the Accessibility Resources website at Broward College to learn how to obtain services for a disability.